Sp00py shenanigans


My Halloween post is HERE ^ this year, we had 2 costumes and took lots of photos even though we didn’t do anything super festive…

First stop was supposed to be the tattoo shop to have a couple spots filled in for me ^ but even arriving 10 minutes after they opened, there was a 5-hour wait (even though my touch-up would take maybe 5 minutes). We still had to go to my dad’s for an oil change, but we weren’t planning on staying in Fredericksburg all day….so I guess I’ll have to get that done another time! Our first costumes of the day were less obvious/obnoxious than our final forms lol we dressed up as DHL workers:

We had the matching shirt & sweatshirt PLUS the socks ^ we also stayed matchy with khaki shorts! It was a lot of fun taking pictures together in the backyard at dad’s….

Now I know you’re here for the REAL costumes ^ we found these gems randomly in a Target and they were just too adorable not to pick up- even before we had a plan for the spooky holiday. Justin was an avocado and I was a ball cactus haha the headband is so cute! The first time I tried this on, I almost cried laughing because of how round it is. What did we decide to go do in these outfits?

We went bowling of course ^ a quick drive down the road to the bowling alley near our apartment that we’ve never been to til Halloween! They actually do leagues that day of the week, but we managed to make it there before they started. It was so much fun! Justin & I felt super silly doing this in our costumes. We got drinks at the full bar- which weren’t great, but what can you expect from a bowling alley? Lol and they even had gluten-free pizza (cauliflower crust) which was delicious. I think we managed to fit in 4 games before it was time for the leagues to come in….

Along with the theme of this post, I’ll show you my black nail polish (finally got a bottle after years) and mention my new skeleton shirt ^ it’s actually merch! If you haven’t heard of Joji, please go listen to literally any song off his albums BALLADS1 and you’ll be hooked. This specific design was the merch for his song Slow Dancing In The Dark (which is my fave for sure). I think it looks very tattoo-style but maybe not at such a scale…

Hope you enjoyed this spoopy look through our Halloween celebration as I reminisce on all the loveliness October graced us with! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and be careful on Black Friday (:

8 thoughts on “Sp00py shenanigans

  1. Aw I love how comfortable you guys are with each other! It really shows in every picture! #couplegoals And those costumes are adorable I love Target. The DHL costume was a brilliant idea btw hahaha

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  2. Your costumes were so cute! I just love that cactus headband! It’s such an original idea too. I haven’t been bowling in over a decade, but I’ve really been wanting to go again. I just never have anyone to go with.

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