It’s a Winky w0rld


Makeup makeup and more makeup! Plus a VoxBox full of ways to prep yourself to put on makeup…are you catching a theme here yet? This post is a collection of items I’ve bought and free stuff too. Let’s jump into the latter first:

If you haven’t downloaded the Influenster app already, what are you waiting for? This box full of beauty prep items was sent to my door for FREE ^ over $100 worth of products, no charge to me whatsoever. The app is a place to review anything and everything you could possibly have an opinion about (good or bad). The more you review, the quicker and more often you’ll be sent these “VoxBoxes” for free. They’ll ask you to take surveys every so often in order to see if you’re eligible for their next campaign. Once you get your box, there will be some questions on the app about what you received and they’ll ask you to post about the product(s) and review them totally honestly! It’s super simple and fun- who doesn’t love free stuff? If you’re interested in the app itself and/or the free items you could receive, feel free (LOL) to click my referral link HERE

Rant about how much I adore Influenster over. Let’s talk about the products I received: the first pictured above is a hair treatment for repairing damaged hair and protecting it against heat styling. I don’t heat style at all anymore, but I have in the past and my hair is still begging me to pamper it everyday. This stuff I’ve mainly used on my ends because my hair is so long I knew the little tube they sent wouldn’t last if I tried to cover my head with it. I love that you can put this in damp hair (since I air dry mine) and you don’t have to rinse it out like some other treatments/masks. You can just style your hair normally after application! I definitely recommend this if you blow dry your hair, curl it, straighten it- or if your hair just needs some extra TLC.

The next product was a pair of false eyelashes. These came with the adhesive which was really nice and don’t they look luxurious?? I haven’t used them yet, but I’m sure there will be some event I can do my makeup all extra for! I think girl’s that wear them with their everyday look are superheroes cause I struggle so much with them. I’ve only used falsies once (Halloween 2017) and they were Ardell I think…so I’m looking forward to seeing how this brand differs and if it’s a better experience. Let me know in the comments what you think the best fake eyelash brand is and if you think I’m a baby for not being able to handle the application (:

The next item came just in time- a box within a box full of acne products to help clear my horrible hormonal breakout. This kit included nose strips, white head dots, and pimple shrinking dots. I fell in love with this type of acne control when I tried the dots from YesTo. These are so simple to just stick on your zits and go to bed. Sleep away your breakouts! I can’t say my face has completely cleared, but it’s made my breakout smaller and less noticeable for sure. I’m going to the doctor next month to get the hormones straight, so THAT will hopefully be what totally gets my face back in check…

The final product was a full size perfume that I was very happy with! I was worried receiving this because I had no idea what it would smell like, but I could’ve given it to my mom or sister(s) if I didn’t like it. Luckily, the scent is so beautiful. I couldn’t believe that they had included this massive/expensive item in a FREE promotional box. All I had to do was review these things honestly and it’s really cool that everything in this box was something I could use and enjoy (:

That was super long winded, but I hope you can see now how awesome this app can be and that the free boxes you get can hold huge value within. Be an Influenster!

My fave makeup brand is Winky Lux ^ if you’ve been following my blog for a while or even just a few months, you’ve probably seen a product from them on my face. This time I had my eye on a new color-changing lip balm they released. Their rosé glitter balm is so wonderful and pretty! It leaves my lips moisturized and a nice pink color. This was a gift from Justin, but I also decided to treat myself when I saw they were releasing an EYELINER! I picked out a cute coffee-colored lipstick cause I couldn’t help myself (their lipsticks are everything). Then I added the new Feliner liquid eyeliner to my cart and checked out. Once it arrived I was so excited to try it. Here’s my honest review: it’s an 8.5/10

I love the length of the product because it fits well in my hand. I enjoy the spring in the cap too! The felt tip is a bit stiffer than my trusty Maybelline, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing- just different. The application was easy enough as using a new formula could be. It was super BLACK and pigmented, didn’t bleed from where I drew it on at all, and came off almost all at once. It was a bit difficult to get my usual wing/cat eye because the amount of makeup that actually came out of the pen was more than the Maybelline one I typically reach for. Once I used it a few more times though- I got the hang of it! The way it dries is awesome because it doesn’t smear all over when you go to remove it. It comes off quite easy and the rest just flakes away. I still love my OG eyeliner, but I can’t not give Winky Lux major props for putting this amazing product out there. I love Feliner, and it comes in a solid too (:

This package was the fullest I’ve ever got from Winky Lux ^ one of my sisters asked for makeup for Christmas, so I picked out an eyeshadow palette for her. I also got her the solid eyeliner and mascara! Because they had a promotion going on their website I got 3 free items. Funnily enough, one of those was the liquid Feliner I had bought maybe a month prior. So now I have a back up haha and they included a rosé highlighter along with a bright pink lipstick. I’ll be giving the highlighter to one of my girl friends for Christmas and the lipstick to another friend (cause it just isn’t my color). It was super cool of them to give away free items with purchase than only doing discounts on whatever you’re already buying. Getting free goodies is like THE BEST (:

More lippies! These are from Colourpop ^ ever since getting one of their lippie stix in a mystery beauty bag from Marzia’s site, I’ve wanted more. The liquid lipstick set is going to be a gift from Justin that I won’t get til Christmas, but the others I bought myself and one for my friend. I got her a deep pink that I’m hoping she really likes! The items I chose for myself were a lippie stix (of course) and a lip pencil. I got the former in a dark red/brown, the latter was a dark true red. The formula of the lip pencil was quite disappointing as it was drying and patchy, it also transferred way too easily. I wasn’t too upset because all of Colourpop’s lipsticks are so affordable and I know I’ll use it sometime again- the color is PERFECT though, so that’s a major plus. The lippie stix was exactly the shade I was looking for and it’s just as comfortable as the first one I got (:

So this post ended up way longer than I thought it would- especially for a post I didn’t have as many pictures as I wanted for. I hope you could read through my ranting and loooooong reviews of the products I included in this post! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday (:

9 thoughts on “It’s a Winky w0rld

  1. Ayeee who doesn’t like free stuff? I signed up for influenster but I’m not too into makeup myself so there’s not much to review 😂 These look great and when i was reading that paragraph about damaged hair I low-key got excited. My protein is working out but ugh drying my hair takes forever and I always airdry it so it ends up flaky again. I gotta get my act together and what?! Heat protection too? I need this 😭 thanks for the review! I’ll check out Aveda for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAS 👏🏼 you can review anything on the app! I have reviews on there for food, Tupperware, random home goods….I’ve spent a lot of my free time just reviewing stuff I have in my apartment haha I hope the Aveda treatment works for you 🤗 thanks a lot for your comment


  2. Great stuff you got! Those lashes look so fab, but I’m also not good at applying them. I really should try to practice though. I only put lashes on once, and I ended up somehow putting the one set of lashes slightly higher than the other so it looked like I had a lazy eye. 😐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes I feel like I have a bit of a lazy eye anyways haha but I get what you mean, it’s definitely a challenge to place them evenly! With practice, I’m sure I’ll get it right someday (: thanks so much for your comment

      Liked by 1 person

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