N0vember fav0rites


I feel as though the months at the end of the year fly by quicker than any others, especially the days with perfect temperatures…but winter is coming and I’m ready with my all-wheel-drive to brave the snow that comes with it. Let’s take a look back at November and pick some faves!

First up is this marvelous merch ^ featured already in my Halloween post, this is Joji’s Slow Dancing In The Dark art from his merch line for the album BALLADS1 and I love it! The shirt and the song are faves (:

Who doesn’t love making themselves into a cartoon?? This new app is called ZEPETO ^ and it’s basically like Bitmoji, but I like this art style more than the Snapchat addition. They haven’t fixed all the bugs yet, but even though this is a work-in-progress mobile app…it’s still a favorite of mine because of how cute the characters can be!

Now the first image in this set may look strange in a post like this ^ but it was my favorite little drinking glass growing up and I brought it along when Justin & I moved into our apartment. In a tragic accident, it was broken and I was very upset. It was from the 70-80s (something my parents had before I was even born) so I was worried we wouldn’t be able to replace it, but in a wild turn of events: Justin found more! He searched the logo on the bottom to find the glass company (which had stopped production long ago), and then he found a set on Etsy from an estate sale. I was so happy and thankful that he could get them back in my life. It’s a weird thing to seem important, but I’m weird and I love my glasses (:

The other pics are of custom Pokémon card packs that Justin got for us from an artist online. It was difficult to get pictures of the cards themselves because of lighting and all the reflections, but the packaging is still really cool!

More family faves please ^ I’ve been having (maybe too much) fun shopping for everyone’s Christmas gifts this year, and almost everything has arrived already since I ordered stuff so early! We took Justin’s brother to Sushi King and he really enjoyed it- even ordered more towards the end because he forgot to take pics (take notes: that’s dedication). My mom invited Justin & I to the cidery again and to spend that evening over at her house. It was the day before Thanksgiving and we were going to be driving to my dad’s the next day, so it was nice of her to have us so we wouldn’t have to be traveling back and forth. We were dressed our best that night and the holiday morning after! Mom baked an apple pie for her celebration (we’ll have to get some around Christmas time since we missed it). Macy even joined our photo on the back deck- isn’t she adorable?

You’re here for the animal faves ^ we saw some of the cutest kitty sisters at the pet store and I wanted to scoop them all up to bring home! I miss my own cats so much and I’m looking forward to when we get our own house to be able to bring my boys home. Not actual animals, but we found FROG & TOAD stuffed toys in a shop on Cary street. I was so excited when I saw them and knew we had to add them to the back of our couch *major fave* lastly, we cleaned out and re-decorated the frog tank. We removed the coconut husk bedding and replaced it with reptile carpet, added a fresh new plant, a bamboo basking area, and my favorite: the orange. You may have seen on my Instagram that I am obsessed with this hiding place I made for them. Good news? They love it too! It was originally a bird feeder, but I super glued the main piece to a suction cup and voila (:

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you all had as good of a November as I did and that your December is even better! Happy holidays to you all (:

14 thoughts on “N0vember fav0rites

  1. I love how happy you were about getting them glasses, I feel like everyone has their own item they’re attached to that other people would find strange! Lovely post once again (:

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