Idk how the algorithm works with WordPress’ Reader, but pls leave me a comment on whether you saw my last post pop up on your feed this past Tuesday! Today’s post is all about our 2018 Thanksgiving experiences throughout the families….

After spending the night at my mom’s place the day before, we got on our holiday best and drove the short distance to Justin’s parents’ place ^ we stopped by to say hi to everyone, including the doggos! His family was having a gathering around the same time as my dad’s meal, so we wanted to see them sometime during the day (:

We made it to Dad’s house through the awful Thanksgiving traffic on 95 ^ he had the tables set up so nice with patterned tablecloths and centerpieces! All the food was so yummy I forgot to take pictures of it. But our lovely host asked me to snap some photos after our big meal, so I got everybody chilling out afterwards….

My dad’s sister & all her family came to celebrate with us. My sister’s dog showed up for a second to see what all the noise was about, then he curled up somewhere. Even before we started eating I had to change from my mustard sweater into one of Justin’s tee shirts cause I was MELTING ^ yes, it’s totally just my messed up hormones. So I’m counting down the days til my doctor’s appointment! I got to see my fur baby Oscar (:

I went back on Snapchat (which I haven’t touched in months) to see what filters were up for Thanksgiving ^ but still settled on the classics haha and we of course had group cousin photos at the end of the evening!

The Sunday after, mom and Chels came our way to have our own lil Thanksgiving day out in Richmond ^ we ate at a Greek restaurant and got bubble teas later on! It was a beautiful day and wonderful time spent with family….

Did you celebrate Thanksgiving? How much family were you able to visit this year? Lemme know in the comments (:

10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving(s)

  1. I haven’t read this post yet haha, I’ll comment on it later!! But I wanted to let you know that I can see that your last post was posted two days ago in my Reader, but I didn’t see it two days ago. 🤔 ?? Sometimes, posts will go “live” at the time you first worked on the draft 🤷🏻‍♀️ You may have to update the published time to something more recent 😊 Hope that helps!

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    1. It’s one of my fave holidays cause it isn’t centered around gifts, just being with family and EATING 😋 I’m very thankful for those two things haha appreciate your comment!


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