My sister asked me a while back if I could taxi her to and from the airport here in Richmond when she went to visit her friend in Florida. Of course I agreed cause the airport is like 5 minutes down the road from us. I took the whole day off of the day we’d be bringing her to departures (just in case anything were to happen as far as delays, etc). She also spent the night on our couch the evening before! So you know Justin & I had to de-clutter the crap outta our living room before she showed up….

We got to the airport about an hour and a half before her flight was set to lift off ^ it only took us about 30 minutes to have her bag checked, find the gate, and say our goodbyes! The airport was super empty and really pretty (for an airport). We had only been here once before to pick up my other sister when she’d flown in for Christmas, but this was our first time inside. Afterwards, Justin and I went for a brisk walk around the rec center since we were up early and plenty awake by then. It was such a nice morning! I had thrown on my super comfy new Tsuki joggers and the L.L.Bean jacket Justin got for me the other day (it was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it’s too cold not to wear it now lol). I popped on a hat to match too cause at that point I hadn’t washed my hair yet and it was wild….

After we had eaten a real breakfast and showered up, Justin and I decided to enjoy the rest of our day off in town ^ does he look handsome as heck with the facial hair or what?? We ate lunch at the pub at Wegman’s and it was delicious! The drinks were very yummy and our stuffed salmon was perfect (:

After grabbing a tasty dessert from Wegman’s ^ we hopped over to Cabela’s to have a look around the store in all it’s Christmas glory! We grabbed some walking sticks to trek through the aisles. We saw the Santa center and looked at all the guns. It’s always a fun time to explore the huge place and all the different sections. They have awesome holiday items and we even found gluten-free cookie & pancake mixes (:

We did stop by the craft store as our last store for the day ^ where we bought a bunch of that soft modeling clay/foam stuff (idek what to call it). It was very fun to play with during the car ride home and then once we got there. As you can see from the photo above, our living room did not stay clear for long….

This was sort of a random post, but I had a lot of pictures from that day. I hope you enjoyed a short walkthrough of our day off and I’m crossing my fingers this post doesn’t fall victim to whatever strange algorithm WordPress has for its Reader. We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas! Are y’all ready??

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