Winter light sh0w


Happy payday Friday, everyone! Last weekend Justin & I were supposed to go to the Christmas event at Kings Dominion (amusement park) with his family, but plans fell through. So we opted for a less expensive, and probably much less crowded, lots-of-lights show at the gardens a few minutes down the road from us. Here’s all the pics I managed to get with my horrible “touch screen friendly” gloves…

Rewinding just a touch, Justin wanted to take me to Cracker Barrel for dinner ^ I hadn’t been in well over 10 years and it’s one of his favorite food places. It was really yummy! I had hot tea and their oatmeal. Justin had a big breakfast plate! I also wore my new Tsuki scarf and L.L.Bean Black jeans with plaid knee patches (that you can’t see yet). Now, onto the lights….

When we first walked onto the garden grounds, the lights were basically covering everything ^ it was kind of hard to look at, so I had the bright (lol) idea to take off my glasses and see what that looked like. It was hilarious, just a huge blur of colors and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was very chilly, so we had to get bundled up and that means GLOVES. It was a bit difficult to take photos with them on, but I hope I got some good ones…

It was so beautiful and MAGICAL walking through all the different sections of the park ^ seeing all the different light pieces, some were sculptures and other areas were just covered in different colors of lights! You can kind of see the patches on my pants in that one photo though (:

Some of the lights made it impossible to get a good/clear photo ^ I wish I could truly show how gorgeous everything was, but take my word for it! I loved the kids section because of all the animal sculptures wrapped full of lights. Look at the giraffe (:

We also went into the giant greenhouse at the end ^ their Christmas tree was all flowers in different colors and it was HUGE! I had to step back to get a pic and had to be quick so I didn’t get anybody walking in front of it to get their selfie haha

The frog fountain at the beginning of the gardens had glowing light balls in the center that changed colors ^ you know I had to snap a few shots of it! And our farewell photo in front of the weeping willow lights dangling from the treehouse. Happy happy season’s greetings to you all (:

16 thoughts on “Winter light sh0w

  1. Wow so many lights!! The whole thing looks super romantic ❤ Ahhh pikachu I love that. Also that Christmas tree is probably the most gorgeous tree I've ever seen. I always think about how many hours and hours and how many people it took to get all those lights up like that! What an awesome way to start the holidays! 😀

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