H0liday functi0n


As a gift to Justin & myself this season, I ordered us personalized shampoo/conditioner sets from Function of Beauty. I had seen ads for this company quite a bit, but never thought of trying it til I saw Safiya test it on her YouTube channel. I was intrigued and thought it wouldn’t hurt to get the one-time bottles (not subscribe to their service)…

So I took their little hair quiz online ^ I explained my hair type and issues, then chose the goals I wanted for my hair from using their shampoo & conditioner. Justin did the same and they arrived a few days more than a week after. I really enjoy the packaging, the fact that the box itself comes wrapped in plastic is nice too. The bottles come with pumps, but I think I might remove it from the conditioner because my hair is so long and thick I currently need to use way too many pumps- it’ll be easier to just pour in my hand lol they smell lovely too! You get to choose the color & fragrance you want online and I chose peach (:

We’ve only been testing them for a couple days now, so I don’t think either of us can tell any differences yet or make any kind of opinion about them yet. Excited to see what the results are like long-term though. Have you ever tried a personalized beauty or wellness product/subscription? Let me know in the comments!

Is it a real post from me if there are no new Maì products included? Marzia released holiday editions of the beloved sweatshirts and I had to have them ^ I got both colors and I love the shades she chose! The red is a perfect, classic red and the green is like a Christmas tree. They only came in size large, but I’m totally okay with that because I can layer it over the other Maì sweatshirts lol she also has been busy making tons of ornaments. I ordered one from her first batch (when she was using clay as the hook to hold the string that you hang it with), so unfortunately ours came broken. The body is intact, but we can’t hang it on our tree. I was hoping she’d restock some more on her site, but I’ve missed all the dates/times as of yet. I don’t think we’ll get one this holiday, but maybe next year!

Didn’t have Friendsgiving, but we still managed to plan our annual Christmas meal/gathering together ^ my girl friends came out to Richmond again to celebrate, catch up, and exchange gifts! We went to a New Zealand-inspired restaurant called Burger Bach that was honestly hit or miss with almost every aspect. The first drink I ordered tasted like BBQ sauce (eww), but the replacement was delicious. The burgers were really nice, but kinda flavorless…it was all of our first times there, so I’m guessing this is just a place where you have to KNOW what to order to like and appreciate it fully. So maybe next time!

We stopped at the boba shop down the street afterwards, went to the chocolate shop, and even chilled in a furniture store for a while ^ it was such a relaxing and fun time with my ladies plus Justin and (other) Shannon’s bf Hunter. I put on green eyeshadow to be festive with my red sweater, but I think with my glasses on it was difficult to see…oh well

Back at our apartment, it was time to open presents ^ I got Shannon a few lippies and a mermaid makeup brush, and I got Kaila a water bottle & tea towel (since she has a new place with her bf who wasn’t able to make it to our gathering). The girls got me a mini lip set, bath bombs, a gorgeous cast iron teapot, and a cute ring with lil hearts all around it. Very sweet and thoughtful gifts! Even though my friends circle is small, I couldn’t ask for better buds. Merry Christmas (:

From now til the end of the month/year, my posts will mostly be pictures as I’ve compiled a bunch for specific themes. This will make it easier for me to enjoy the holiday events without feeling pressured (by myself) to sit down and write for an hour or so on a post. I hope you’ll understand and enjoy my last few posts for 2018

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  1. Wow the shampoo and conditioner sounds so good – personalised to your name and your hair? What more could you want, haha! The jumpers are super nice too! x

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