Late, but Linee


*Edit: this is my 200th post on my blog!

This post has been a long time coming. Don’t ask me why cause I have no idea what caused the delay. But I’m finally going through all the items I got from Marzia’s summer clothing collection: Linee

Doodle design Kroma case

The phone cases weren’t technically part of her summer clothing line, but she did create a few to advertise in conjunction with the release of the Linee collection. I picked this lovely sketched one and had it on my phone for almost a full year before it got a bit too chipped and crusty for my liking. I love the pale pink outer case that matched my phone, but it got dirty really quickly (that’s all on me). Oh, last summer, a time when I actually painted my nails…

Unfortunate sizing

I really fell in love with everything in this collection, but sadly not all the items liked me back. The one piece swimsuit in particular was quite the challenge as far as sizing went. I tried a small and medium, but both had the same issue: way too tight on the bottom portion and a bit loose up top. Clearly, my body shape is not meant to be squeezed into a one-piece. I sold the small one on my Depop to a very happy buyer, but the medium is still for sale. I only tried it on once so it’ll come in perfect condition with all tags attached (if you’re looking to get a jump on the summer wear). The jumpsuit was another sad day. They had delays with production on this item meaning it came separate from my original haul. I was so excited when I finally got it- only to find out that the waste/collar part where you put your body in to try it on…isn’t elastic but a stiff stitch. So going along with my bigger bottom half, I couldn’t even get into this piece. It’s also up on my Depop shop for sale if you like the design. I know it sold out very quickly on her site!

*BOTH of these items are actually SOLD OUT on the original site in the sizes I have

The dress

This is an item that fit me and I really like, but I’m thinking of putting it up for sale on my Depop as well because I didn’t see myself reaching for it at all last summer. I love the way the off-the-shoulder style looks, but it’s sometimes hard for me to wear. I’m a bit weird with comfortability in clothing, but if you love this dress- you could get your hands on it super soon! Leave me a comment if you’re interested and I’ll make a Depop posting right away (:

The top

I apologize for the horrible photos of this one, but I couldn’t find the bandeau that I prefer to wear with this off-the-shoulder long sleeve shirt. It’s a better fit for me than the dress was and that may just be the type of elastic used around the shoulders, but I love this top! It’s got tiny ribbing throughout and the color-blocking is so pretty. I didn’t choose this a lot last summer either, but that’s more so because of the sleeve length than anything else. I’m sure we’ll get the right temperature this spring for me to rock this on a night out…

The pants

You’ve seen these before in a previous post when we visited the art museum with my mom. These pants fit awesome and feel just as great! They’re the same style as the cigarette pants from her Amore collection, but the material is a thinner linen. I loved wearing these, but I could only find a few tops that went well with them. I might have to go shopping soon to find more to pair them with cause I would love to wear them more. What do you think would look good with these pants? Leave me a comment (:

The skirt

Another one of my favorite pieces from this summer line was the a-line wrap skirt she designed in the same color-block style as the pants. This one (unlike the Amore one) fit me well, sitting right on top of my hips. This was also a bit difficult to pair with shirts, but I did find quite a few things I already owned to wear with it. The skirt is definitely something I’ll be reaching for a lot this coming summer!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the swimsuit, jumpsuit, and/or dress, please let me know in a comment and I’ll see what I can do about discounting my Depop prices (and adding the dress for sale). If you wanna follow my shop, the link is HERE

14 thoughts on “Late, but Linee

  1. This collection is sooo pretty!! Sorry to hear some of the pieces didn’t fit you – it always makes me sad when something aLMOST fits, but not quite lol. I adore the top on you!

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  2. Happy 200th post!
    So sad that this was Marzia’s last collection, but at least we still have Tsuki! 😀 The trousers look so good on you! And the dress too – but I understand why you’re thinking of selling it! Hopefully all of these pieces (that you’re going to put up on Depop) will find a new home! 🙂

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