Supplement stash


Keeping in theme with my New Years “healthier me” posts, today I’ll be sharing what’s in my pill organizer. This includes vitamins and other daily meds, so if you’re interested in the benefits of them- read on!

My vitamin subscription

I’ve blogged before about my monthly box that comes with 30 packs of vitamins that were selected for me, but I don’t think I’ve gone into detail on what they’re for too specifically. This company used to be called Vitamin Packs, but they’ve since rebranded to Persona Nutrition. The vitamins I receive:

• CoQ10 200 was chosen for me to help promote energy and prevent chest pain by supporting energy production and the cardiovascular system. This coenzyme is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and helps the heart

• Evening Primrose Oil (2) was chosen for me to regulate all aspects of my feminine health including skin & hair health as well as balancing hormones

• Feverfew was chosen for me to relieve my occasional migraines and prevent future headaches. It does so through it’s bioactive compound parthenolide

• Garlic was chosen for me to prevent chest pains. This supplement supports blood pressure regulation and the cardiovascular system. It promotes physical health by assisting in healthy heart function, cholesterol, and blood pressure

• Probiotic 50+ was chosen for me to support my mood, healthy digestion, and to replenish my gut flora. This promotes a healthy immune system and restores intestinal balance after disruptions occur

My pill organizer

Next up are the OTC products I’ve picked out for myself to take daily and a few others as needed. I placed all the chosen pills in my organizer to help me remember to take these daily, so I can actually benefit from them! I separated the ones I take each day onto one side (AM) and the “as needed” ones to the other side (PM). Here’s the breakdown:

Vitamin B12 2500mcg

I usually take the regular pills, not the dissolvable ones- but Justin bought these by mistake, so I just try to swallow them quickly before they disintegrate on my tongue lol

I started taking these to help prevent nerve pain and muscle spasms I used to have occasionally. I have less of them now, so I’d say it’s definitely to my benefit to have this one in the “daily” side of my organizer.

Vitamin D3 2000iu (2)

I take a total of 4000iu daily, as recommended for my age, in order to lessen the joint discomfort I sometimes have. Since I’m now on a new prescription that could weaken my bones over an extended period of time, I figured it was a good fit that I’m taking this supplement for bone health!

Ginger root 550mg

I’ve suffered with severe nausea on a semi-daily basis for over a year now. But after changing my birth control from pill to injection, I haven’t had as big of an issue with it. I always want to stay on the offense though, so I prepare my gut with the previously mentioned probiotic and I also take this ginger supplement daily. Anything to support my digestive health and keep that nausea away- I’m down for it!

Allergy relief (Zyrtec or Claritin)

I keep one of these pills on the “as needed” side of my organizer in case I’m having a bad allergy day/week. Lately I’ve had to take them daily with all the sniffles I’ve been going through. I try to alternate between the two and sometimes even switch to Allegra, just so my system can’t become too used to the same medication

Decongestant (Sudafed) #2

This is just your standard 4-6 hour nasal decongestant for those mornings when I’m feeling a bit too stuffed up for my liking. Two tablets is the recommended dose for my age, so I pop two into each day of the “as needed” side of my organizer…

Tabs and caps

It may seem like a lot, but there’s certain things that are easier to supplement than trying to find foods/drinks that’ll get you enough of that vitamin daily. Remembering to take them daily has helped me tremendously and I actually feel like they’re working over time. One small step to bettering myself this year and staying as healthy as I can (:

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even learned something. Thanks, as always, for reading and I’ll see you all again next Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

19 thoughts on “Supplement stash

  1. Aah these huge pills are making me nervous! I remember the first time I had to swallow a pill for a migraine, I was convinced I was about to choke and die so I said goodbye to everyone and I remember it not going down because I was holding it in too long and then I tasted it and jsydtsijsg. Anyways, now I’m totally fine with pills but don’t have to take as much as you do. Just a few vitamins every now and then and medication if I get the cold. I may need to in the future so I’m glad I got over the I’m gonna choke phase 😂 Thanks for sharing and props to you for taking care of your health! All the best for a healthy 2019 ❤️

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  2. Oh wow, you take quite some pills! But I am curious as to the effectiveness? How has each benefited you? Especially evening primrose oil, because that’s one I am thinking of taking but I’m not sure if there are actual benefits. And oh, gosh I always have decongestants with me at all times too because you never know when that allergy is going to hit! Urgh!

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    1. I used to take Evening Primrose Oil back when I was in high school because it’s supposed to help regulate periods and help with PMS symptoms, but I was never consistent with taking it daily- so I don’t think I really saw the results I was looking for. Now that I take my daily regimen actually EVERY day, I feel they’re all working the way they’re meant to! I’m not sure if it’s the Evening Primrose or the new birth control I’m on, but my cramps were minimal and I don’t feel like I’ve had the crazy mood swings I used to when I was younger. It reminds me of biotin in the way that your hair/nails become healthier & stronger when taking it. So if you’re looking for something like that as well, I’d definitely recommend it (:


  3. I’m glad it sounds like the pills are helping you overall! Nausea is the worst…there was one time I had pretty bad nausea for about a month any time I ate or drank anything. The urgent care doctor prescribed me Ondansetron (brand name Zofran) which helps a ton with nausea. Was your nerve/muscle pain triggered by anything? It’s good to know the B12 helped!!

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    1. Yeah, we thought my nausea was tied to my gluten sensitivity at first…but even after cutting it out, I was still feeling super sick almost daily. I was prescribed Ondansetron too, but for some reason my doctor wouldn’t up the strength when I explained I had to take 2 pills in order to combat my nausea. Eventually I found a new, better doctor that actually listened to my problems. He immediately knew what was causing them and asked if I wanted to switch from pill birth control to the shot. I had read about it before and it seemed like a good option, but hearing it from him had me convinced. I’ve been on that method for over a month now and nearly no nausea (except for the first week after goin off the pill when the medicine was still leaving my system)! I’m really not sure what my nerve pain was about or why I had the random muscle spasms sometimes, but they’ve greatly lessened every since I started really cracking down on taking these vitamins EVERY day. I feel so much better this year already (:

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      1. Wow that’s amazing!! And jeez birth control pills can be so strong. I used nuva ring before and even that just caused me to have major mood swings and I didn’t feel myself. I can’t imagine feeling nauseous all the time though. So glad you found something that doesn’t make you feel terrible all the time. We’re you ever prescribed something for the nerve/muscle pain?

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      2. Yeah, my sister had the arm implant and she said she felt crazy with it. She had it taken out only a few months after. I didn’t go to the doctor for the nerve/muscle pain cause it was so random and inconsistent 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve really noticed that I have them less (although part of that is because I’m no longer on the horrible birth control pill that was causing most of my issues). But nowadays the only time I have any head pain is from sinus congestion and the Sudafed takes care of that easily. No more pain meds 👍🏼

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