Purple sparkle & stripes


Another new style of post? Will this one be a continuing series as well as the monthly notes? That’ll be up to you guys in the comments! So buckle in and get your deciding hat on to read through this “mostly pictures” post and then let me know what you think. If you’d like to see more content like this, I’m sure I could do a bunch of other colors…

The look

I based this post simply on the color purple, but mainly because I unintentionally made an entirely monochromatic look. I wore a purple striped CDG shirt, with purple glittery liquid eyeshadow (above), and the closest-to-purple brown/nude lipstick I have with a purple gloss over it…since just selfies of me with this look didn’t scream “something I’d wanna post” I decided to go back through my camera roll and pluck a bunch of purple photos to add into this post alongside my mauvey makeup! Here goes:

The idea

I didn’t just scroll through my camera roll, but specifically my screenshots and only going as far back as when I started my blog. So there will be pictures I took for my blog & edited as well as pictures I didn’t take myself…

Decisions decisions

Choosing which photos to include was a bit tricky because some of them had too many other colors involved for me to feel like they’d go with the purple-centric theme…while others were just not the right shade, like almost too pink? Idk I’m picky (:

Is this purple? ^

…or too blue?

Questions questions

So I’ll ask a few questions in conclusion: did you enjoy this post style? Would you like to see it reoccurring with a different color each time? And if so, should I make a specific (new) outfit/makeup look for said colors…or just have the posts be collections of older photos of the same color? I feel like either way, it’s nice to look at a mainly monochromatic picture post (but that’s just me). Please let me know your thoughts & opinions in the comments! Maybe I’ll make one with your favorite color (:

12 thoughts on “Purple sparkle & stripes

  1. I loved scrolling through this, it’s such a cool idea and I would definitely like to see other posts featuring other colours! I like your idea of having an outfit + make-up look to go with it as well 💜

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