Happy Friday (: here’s a chill post for this lazy morning I’m having: frog photos!

My babies are growing up

They’re over a year old now (for sure) and Fear is really catching up to Misery’s size!

Home sweet home

They’re still really enjoying the setup in their tank with the repti-carpet, bamboo, and of course the orange. I’m excited to upgrade them to an even larger enclosure once we move from our apartment to a house…

Always there to entertain

Our lil chickens are always doing funny things to make us laugh. I hope they’re as happy as we are having them!

No gender confusion

Misery (who we thought was a girl) is DEFINITELY a boy- with the croaking daily and obvious hooks shown on the front feet. We’re thinking Fear (who we thought was a boy) is probably a girl mostly because we haven’t noticed the male traits in him yet, but it may just be that he’s younger than Mis or just intimidated…

Whatever their orientation, we love them and continue to call them the genders we originally thought they were (:

I hope your eyes and heart enjoyed this post full of frog bodies. I’ll be back next Tuesday with a review/favorites post, so stay tuned if you love LUSH

Thanks so much for reading!

10 thoughts on “Fug-a-lug

    1. Hahaha Justin wants to call them the correct genders and it confuses me cause I still refer to them as the original ones 🙈 they get lots of love even when they don’t wanna come out of their hide! Thanks so much for commenting

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