Five faves: LUSH


I don’t know what’s sparked the inspiration to create more series’ on my blog this year, but I’m really liking starting them! So I’ll begin this post by explaining the super simple concept of my “Five faves” idea. Today’s theme is Lush, so these are my picks of which products/scents I like the most. I’m not doing a “Top 5” cause I don’t want to really rank the items. I just want to give a generalized *thumbs up* to a small number of items I think are pretty great. In future installments of this series, I’d show you my favorite lipsticks, jackets, etc. If you’d like to leave a comment (similar to my monochromatic series) about something you’d like to see in this series- feel free! I’m always open to suggestion and your feedback. Let’s roll on into LUSH…

Full of Grace serum bar

Main ingredients: portobello mushrooms, chamomile, rose petal, and almond oil

Ever since seeing Emma Blackery use & review this product, I’ve purchased it multiple times and loved having it in my skincare routine. The scent is wonderful and it leaves my face feeling super soft. This serums has different oils in it, but has never made me breakout- so that’s a huge PLUS in my book! I strongly recommend getting the tin case to keep it in as mine once melted all over the inside of one of my bags (due to no AC on a summer trip). Don’t make my mistakes lol

American Cream scent

Main ingredients: vanilla, strawberry, lavender oil, and orange juice

I fell in love with this scent after receiving the conditioner in a giveaway I’d won. If my hair wasn’t so long & massively thick, I would’ve kept buying the product in a larger size (but it’s also $36 yikes). I did find they have a body wash in the same scent and have been over the moon using it! It smells like a smoothie (:

Lip scrubs

Now these are simply splurge/treat-yourself items because you can make them yourself TBH. But I still really enjoy the ones that Lush has, including Honey and Eve’s Cherry. The former is a honey & mint scrub, but I wanted to find one that didn’t have mint in it (so it wouldn’t feel like I was brushing my teeth with it lol). They released the latter with their Valentine’s Day collection this year and I adore it! Cherry is one of my favorite flavors and this scrub is good enough to eat, but don’t. It makes your mouth a bit fuchsia-colored while you’re scrubbing your lips, but you can rinse it right off with no staining.

Anything lavender

Any products I’ve tried from Lush that have lavender as an ingredient/scent have been so lovely. I’m a big fan of their Dirty shaving cream and I’ve really enjoyed using the Twilight bath bomb in the past. I wanna try the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, but (as with most of their products) it’s quite expensive for even a small amount. Probably just gonna add it to my birthday wishlist…

Honorable mentions

A Lush post with only one mention of bath bombs? I don’t think so. A few last minute faves for the end here: Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb which has lemon, lime, neroli, and blue cornflowers in it & Think Pink bath bomb which has a cotton candy/floral scent. They both make for beautifully decorated water and a relaxing time in the tub! I love when their bath bombs have little confetti in them- whether it’s a certain ingredient or strictly for the aesthetic (;

Keep it going or one & done?

That’s the question I’m tasking you, the reader, to answer for me today. Would you like to see more posts with this format? Any suggestions for future themes? I would love to hear your feedback on this series idea! Leave me a comment (: thanks for reading and always supporting my blog. See ya on Fridayyyyyy

19 thoughts on “Five faves: LUSH

  1. Love the idea of this series and starting off with a lush favourites is perfect! Definitely do more… maybe music / books / tv shows / lipsticks / makeup brands? Anyway, I love Lush! I haven’t tried any American cream products but I think i’d like the shower gel, I love that it’s pink!

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    1. Thank you so much! This comment made my day 🤗 I wasn’t so sure about this series, but I’m glad you liked the first post and I really appreciate the suggestions- I’ll definitely try to come up with my 5 faves for those categories

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  2. I would love a Lush series. I also just started using this skincare brand Youth to the People. I’m obsessed with their moisturizer, which also has mushroom in it like the serum bar. I had never heard of that before!

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