It’s a wildlife


Welcome to part 1 of our fun-filled Norfolk trip from earlier this month! We went to the Virginia Zoo and saw all the cuties in the cold (:

A hop, skip, and jump

It’s really only about an hour and a half away from where we live, so the drive wasn’t too bad despite all the road work on our route. We arrived around midday and took all the selfies at the front of the park (:

Cows and cavy

We saw peacocks as soon as we got into the zoo, just casually walking around like we were. The farm animals were to our right and the cows were out in all their glory! I managed to catch one by the fence and give him/her a nice pet. They also had a section of cavy that were so cute. One even walked up to the fence right at me and was sniffing my hand- it’s lip brushed against my finger and it was so soft. My dad had seen some of them when he lived in Argentina growing up, but sadly he said they were often sold for their fur…

Reptile room

This zoo has a huge indoor space for housing their reptiles, amphibians, and fishies. We walked through it probably three or four full times that day. We even found cousins to our frogs! They looked the same but with yellow spots all over…

Big cats + giraffes

Unlike the local Richmond zoo, you can’t touch the giraffes here. But they’re still a sight to behold. My favorite animal (: we also saw a gorgeous tiger and a couple cheetah- one of which MEOWED right at us when we walked up to their exhibit. It was truly wild!

Cuties out of the spotlight

The more timid of creatures I caught on camera were the red pandas, meerkats, and duiker. Wish I could’ve got some better snapshots of them- maybe next time!

Follow the leader

On our way out at closing time, one of the peacocks tried to come with us! The staff assured us it would come back through the gate on its own, still very strange and adorable lol

Part 2 coming soon

Stick around for my usual Tuesday posting to catch part 2 of our Norfolk trip! Thanks so much for stopping by (:

17 thoughts on “It’s a wildlife

  1. I’m serious, you guys find the most picturesque places to go! Love all the pictures you shared ❤ That snake one where it's completely facing the camera is just wild haha, and I loved the ones of you with the peacock! We have a wildlife refuge place where I live that has free-roam peacocks, and I just love them haha

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  2. Looove zoos! I know you were happy to see those cows too haha! That’s nice that even if you can’t touch the giraffes, they have them in an open area for you to talk around at eye level with them. So cool!

    Liked by 1 person

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