Ipsy f0r February


I got my Ipsy bag for this month about a week or so ago. I tried on the products and wanted to give a few little reviews for you all!

The bag itself

The design for February is very cute and in theme with Valentine’s Day! It has a sturdy feel to the outside with a vinyl-type inside that’s really nice in case of spills. Both sides would be easy to clean, so I’m totally going to keep and use this bag…

Glow-To highlighter by Ciaté London

Unfortunately, this isn’t a product I’ll be using. I don’t wear any kind of face makeup, that includes: highlighter, foundation, blush, concealer, bronzer, etc. So I’ll most likely be adding this beautiful rose gold shimmer to a future giveaway!

Lip Luire by Belle En Argent in “I love that car”

A strange name for a lip gloss color, but a gorgeous shade nonetheless! From just the packaging, I wasn’t getting my hopes up cause I’m not a big fan of sheer gloss products. But after opening it up, I was surprised to see it didn’t look sheer at all. This item looks just like a classic liquid lipstick and very red from the tube. It applied more pink, like a berry tone, but I still enjoy the color a lot. It applies smooth & easy with the long, flat doefoot and gives even pigment across the lips in one swipe. It is definitely a gloss texture though- it’s sticky. Not too bad (like it doesn’t leave those stringy nasties between your lips), but noticeably tacky even after drying. It obviously transfers, but I think I’ll still wear it again…maybe over another lipstick shade that needs a pink POP (:

LUXIE 243 precision blending brush

I love that they sent me another eyeshadow brush! It’s really the only makeup I need a brush for, so this one is a win. This has a super soft tip, a lightweight handle, and I haven’t noticed any shedding bristles…

Lash Alert mascara by Eyeko

I’ve never used a mascara out of a squeeze tube and while it seems practical for on-the-go, I’ve never found myself needing to touch up my mascara while out and about. I don’t think I’ll get much from this sample as the shape of the packaging can hold a lot of product hostage in those creases & corners. The spoolie is tiny AND curved, so it was very difficult for me to apply this. I did enjoy the mascara itself. It separated and coated my lashes very well. I’ll definitely try to use this again in the future!

Hanalei lip treatment in Peach Pink

This is by far my favorite item I received this month! If you know me, I’m obsessed with lip balms and I always have mine in my pocket. I don’t think I’d put this specific squeeze tube in my pocket, but totally in my purse. It started coming out of the tube as soon as I took the seal off, so I had to kind of press the extra product back in after I tested it out. It feels a bit waxy, so I think it seals in moisture well. I didn’t notice much pigment when applied to the lips, but it does look pink coming out of the package… I will most definitely use the heck out of this. Especially at night after a good lip scrub (:

The look

I couldn’t do much with the “interesting” array of items I received this month, but I did use the lip treatment under the gloss. I also managed to get the mascara on and had to clean up the mess I’d made all over my eyelids lol but it ended up looking very similar to the BOLD-LIP-UNDERSTATED-EYE look that I really enjoy wearing in the summer. This is an indoor look for sure as my hair would instantly stick to my lips if I encountered any wind. I’m hoping for different lip shades in future bags, I think I’m over the pink/berry ones I’ve been getting so far…

Overall thoughts?

It wasn’t my favorite bag. December and January really WOW-ed me with how I could make entire looks out of the products in each bag, but this had something in it I tried to tell them in my beauty profile I didn’t want to receive! Hopefully my poor rating on the highlighter review in their app will set everything straight (: the mascara was a bit of a let down and I feel like I’m getting the same color lip product in every bag so far…but the brush is a huge plus and the lip treatment is something I’ll totally get use out of. Final grade: C+

Do you have an Ipsy subscription? What different products did you received for February? Any that were the same as mine? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and thanks so much for reading!

12 thoughts on “Ipsy f0r February

  1. Awww the bag is so cute! and I LOVE that lip gloss shade on you!! 😀 ❤ ❤ I'm sorry to hear the bag had something in it you hadn't requested to get … why do they ask for feedback on what you'd like to receive and then still send it to you? :/ that's a waste, lol! Maybe they had overstock…? Still, hopefully next month has a better selection for you xx

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  2. This seems like an interesting group of products! However, I agree, if you tell them you don’t want something because they give you the option to tell them, then it doesn’t make sense that they send it to you anyway!

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    1. Yeah, I feel like certain products they have so much of that they put them in everyone’s bag no matter what or they’re just trying to force the “expand your makeup collection” topic onto their subscribers. Both options aren’t fun and not what I’m paying $10/month for haha but this is the first item I’ve found that I won’t be using out of three bags…so not horrible! Thanks for commenting (:

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  3. I know what you mean about the berry shades. Ipsy is always sending me red or berry shades, and it’s getting tiring. I received the lip treatment also, which I think is pretty decent. I received that highlighter in a previous bag and I like it. It’s not as pigmented as some highlighters I’ve used, but it works good if you’re going for a subtle look. Although, I know you said you won’t be using it. I think you would look lovely with a little bit of highlight though. It’s understandable that you don’t wear any face makeup though. That’s probably why your skin always look so nice and glowing.

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