February’s n0tes


It’s officially March- happy 3rd month of the year, everyone! I’m continuing my series of updating you all on the 3 big goals I set for myself & achieved in the past 28 days. Here’s what I did in February…

Create a final draft for my next tattoo

Along with *finally* getting some details filled in on my first tattoo, I clung to my trusty iPad Pro & Apple Pencil last month to complete not only my next tattoo design- but 6 future ideas were made into drawings! The last photo there ^ is the one I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to get next. My artist friend says he could do it the size of a half dollar, so I wanted the placement to be directly under my collarbone on one side (since he can keep it small). Although this isn’t a super important task as I’m not sure at all when I’ll be getting any of these put on my body, I’m really proud of myself for getting back into using my iPad and having them drawn out makes me even more excited to get them…

Going to the chiropractor

This is another small but meaningful goal. I had to work around my busy schedule for February to make an appointment (and their hours are kind of strange), but I found a day to drive all the way back to my hometown to have an adjustment. He’s the one I used to go to on a regular basis during my high school years and after my car accidents, so I’m totally comfortable there and I trust his work. I hadn’t been in a really long time though. I told the chiropractor about the trouble I’ve been having with my shoulders this year and he recommended I see a doctor about imaging since he could feel & hear my bones grinding while he worked on my arms. He also suggested I try some light exercises with a hand weight to stabilize my shoulders. I felt better after the adjustment, but my shoulders felt worse the next day- so fixing that will be a goal for this month!

Organizing my desk area ^ BEFORE

Organizing my desk area ^ AFTER

This was the big project this month. I feel so much better having it clean & done! It took an entire day of going through all the junk I had piled up on top of my desk and in the area where you’re supposed to keep a chair. Now I store my stool there in hopes I can keep the underneath portion clear of clutter. I still can’t properly sit AT my desk as the stool is too tall, but someday I’ll have a little seat to enjoy my desk with…

I also found a TON of stuff to put into giveaways which I’ve already organized! So stay on the lookout for those coming soon (:

Those were my goals this past month and I’m proud of myself for getting them all done. I’m sure as the year continues, the tasks I choose will get a bit more difficult- as we’re hoping to move this year and who knows what the doctor will find wrong with my shoulders. But I’m keeping a positive mindset about all of it and looking to the future with hope & excitement. Enjoy March everyone!

6 thoughts on “February’s n0tes

  1. Aaah girl your desk looks stunning! I Loveee. ❤ OOH giveaways? I see you! I'll defo stick around haha. I love how you designed your own tattoo ideas! And I hope your shoulders get better. Was it from the car crash? Have a great march!! ❤

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    1. Sweeeeeet! Thank you so much for your comment (: we’re not actually sure what the shoulder pain was caused by (but the crash was too long ago to spring it on me now). Hope you have an awesome March as well

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      1. Ah gotchu. I hope everything works out. If it were me, I’d blame it on exercise. Exercise is dangerous yet we have to do it anyways :'(. get well soon! ❤

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      2. Thank you! Yeah, I’ll be posting an update at the beginning of April to fill everyone in on the progression of it. Already had an appointment, meds, and a cortisone treatment…so we’ll see if they wanna do imaging later on

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