Art additi0ns


I’ve always loved art. It was the answer to every “what’s your favorite subject/class?” since I can remember. I even thought I wanted to be a cartoonist when I grew up. I mean, I’ve drawn all my future tattoo designs myself and even the one I have! I still try to get the doodles down when I get that creative spark, but mostly nowadays- I buy other people’s work. I love it! Surrounding myself with beautiful things that someone put their heart & soul into makes each day a bit brighter…


First found via Twitter & Kroma phone cases (a brand that collabs with a ton of cool artists), I saw that she was opening her web store again soon. I was super excited to browse the items available and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have my very own cat sushi pouches! They’re super cute and her style of art is really neat. I got both designs simply because I couldn’t decide which one I liked most. I use them to hold my colored pencils and my marker pens that I write in my planner with. The bags themselves are high quality too with almost a suede-feeling inside and sturdy zipper. I would love to collect more of her art pieces in the future (:

Maì by Marzia

Would any of my posts really be complete without mention of this talented woman and her amazing business? When she announced these taper holders would be dropped on site soon, I set my phone alarm and got ready to pick some out. I carted the first and went back to see there were more still available (usually everything sells out in a second). So I grabbed a second one and I’m glad I did, cause now it’s like a set! They came with the same handle broken on both, but it was an easy mend with our super glue. Justin helped me fix them up to look good as new. They came with these sweet little clay bears too!

A print for the pile

I was very excited to have snagged one of Marzia’s most recent prints (and a signed one at that). It’s a cute scene in Japan of a few houses at night with her handmade pots in the window of one. I have so many other art prints and photos I desperately want to hang, but right now we have a grand total of ZERO frames. That’ll be a big challenge, then we have to actually hang them… I can’t wait to decorate our future home with all the wonderful pieces I’ve collected over the past couple years (:

Are you an art collector or an artist yourself? Please feel free to drop a link in the comments if you have a store! I’d love to see your work and it would be a great way to share around. Hope everyone has a fantastic week, I’ll be seeing you again this Friday for a late Valentine’s Day post (:

21 thoughts on “Art additi0ns

  1. Aaah girl this is so cute!! ❤️ I love how you like to surround yourself with other people’s work. I’m not the best at art but I appreciate myself some good pieces! That taper holder is so cute! What is it used for? And is this Mia Pewdiepies girlfriend? Because I recognize her name haha.

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  2. Ahh these art pieces are all so pretty!! 😍✨ I totally forgot that you hand-drew your own tattoo, that is epic haha. I never really considered myself to be an artist until now, but I love getting creative with interior design, coloring pages, and graphic design (usually for my blog’s featured images!).

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    1. I’ve loved designing the ideas I have for future tattoos too! I made like 6 or so just last month 👍🏼 graphic design is always fun too and a different kind of challenge for an artist. Your blog is so pretty!

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    1. Right?? I had to have them 😻🍣 that’s exactly how I feel. Unless I specifically designate time to myself to work on art, I’ll never get around to it. Hope you can soon! I’d love to see it on your blog


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