Tails & trails


It’s my dad’s birthday! We’re taking him somewhere pretty cool to celebrate tomorrow, but today I’ll be sharing the fun times we spent with my mom a few weeks ago…

Kitty cuddles

The first part of our day was spent in Fredericksburg because I finally made myself a chiropractic appointment to see if that was something that might help my shoulders. In the end, it didn’t, but it was still nice to have a full adjustment after so many years of not going. Then we used the rest of our time (since my mom was still working when we were done at the chiropractor) to swing by dad’s house and visit my cats! Felix won’t be getting the surgery to have the lump on his leg removed because his blood levels weren’t safe enough for the vet to feel comfortable operating. They tried some different meds: antibiotic & steroidal, to hopefully raise the levels. But that was unsuccessful, so they aren’t confident he would heal well enough if they cut the lump off. Right now it doesn’t seem to be bothering him- but I’m sure it’s not helping lengthen his life any. Oscar on the other hand has lost some weight but otherwise seems totally fine/normal. Dad is still taking him in for updated shots and a checkup where they’ll test his blood to make sure he’s all around healthy. It’s sad to think about them getting so old, but I’m doing my best to cherish the time I have left with my boys (:

Onto mom’s

When the time came that mom was off work, we gassed up my car and headed out to the lake. She was excited to see us since we hadn’t got a chance to visit since Christmas!

Truck ridin’

Once we arrived, we all piled into her truck that she’d got at the beginning of the year, and headed closer to the lake to take a nice walk on some trails…

Sunbeams & a smiley pup

It was a beautiful day to look out over the water and walk around the beach/lake area. There was nobody around since it was mid-week and about dinner time, so that was relaxing as well. Mom updated us on what had been going on with her the past few months and we talked to her about our plans to get a house this year. I explained the best I could what we thought was going on with my shoulders, but at that point we didn’t really know yet. The views were so pretty and having that quality time in nature with mom & Macy was lovely. We walked for 1.5 hours and we could all tell the pupper really enjoyed the trail and sunshine!

Dinner time

Once back at mom’s, I helped her put together a meal while Justin worked on trying to get her printer working. I had requested mom make my favorite kind of chicken for our dinner and a side dish that Justin always raves about. So we had jerk chicken and baked carrots & seasoned potatoes. Everything was delicious and we were sad we couldn’t stay longer/overnight. My dad had given her an old laptop of his to use with her printer, but he didn’t set her up as an administrator, so we were locked out from setting anything up. Hopefully we’ll be visiting again next weekend or maybe she’ll be able to come out our way! Then we can try out some of the passwords my dad sent and see if we can print out the pictures she wanted. It’s always a fun time with mom (:

Hope you liked a look at our day spent out and about, driving all over the state it seemed! I’ll be back next Tuesday with the giveaway post so stay tuned…there will be 3 different ones to enter. Happy Friday, happy St. Patrick’s day and have a safe weekend everyone xo

19 thoughts on “Tails & trails

  1. Wishing your dad a happy birthday! 🎉 Felix and Oscar look too cute, I get what you mean about feeling sad when a pet gets old but you’re right it makes it easier to cherish the moments you have with them now. That food looks delicious! 😋 Great post as always! ❤️

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  2. Happy birthday to your dad! Thank you for the health update. I really hope they find something soon or if your shoulder heals on its own. And all the best for Felix and Oscar. ❤ Also, can I just say that you are GLOWING. Yes girlll I need a tutorial on this photogenic talent. We need Justin to chime in as well.
    P.S. Seasoned potatoes are the besttt!

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    1. Aww thanks a bunch! Yeah, I’ll be going into more detail at the beginning of next month as far as my shoulders are concerned. You’re always so sweet with your comments (:

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