Shuffleb0ard s0cial club


Last month, the staff from my pharmacy got together to celebrate a few members’ promotions. We met at a place downtown called Tang & Biscuit which is a bar, but it also has a ton of games including a bunch of lanes for shuffleboard…


Justin and I were very excited to go since we’d never even heard of the place before. I always enjoy having him come to work events with me. We were the first to arrive and started by ordering drinks. We chose their signature lightbulb drink which was super tasty! They have a list of cocktails specifically with Tang in them (hence the name of the joint). The second drink I ordered was a Mango Tango which was much sweeter than the first one. Justin picked a beer, then we waited for everyone else to show up…

Games galore

We were in the middle of a game of giant Jenga when my coworkers started filing in. Soon, everyone was there and we were all getting drinks and bits to eat while finding games to play. I had another lightbulb and Mango Tango round while Justin tried some green concoction. We tried Connect 4, but the rig was broken…so we opted for dominoes even though we didn’t know what we were doing lol

Another round

With our 3rd round of drinks, we ordered some tater tots with different dipping sauces. They were really yummy! One of my bosses had tried to sign us all up to play shuffleboard, but I think the wait list for the night was too long. We did end up playing the mini version they had which was tabletop and had scoring rules similar to cornhole. So it was very difficult for either team to score many points. Justin & I played against my coworker Hope & her boyfriend Drew. It was a laugh even though we were all pretty bad at it…

Ready to go

To end the evening, we found a GIANT Connect 4 to play and tried to get pictures with Hope & Drew while they were playing other games. I failed miserably at that in my tipsiness, but we all still had a really fun night. By this time, most of the other staff had gone home. So Justin & I said goodnight to the few remaining and went home to pass out…

This was the first time I’d ever gotten sick after drinking. I have a big fear of throwing up, so it’s safe to say I won’t be mixing moonshine and rum again…and my limit is somewhere less than 6 in under 4 hours lol

10 thoughts on “Shuffleb0ard s0cial club

  1. Drinking while playing games sounds like such a fun time to me! I wish I could do something like this. I would love to put some games in my basement, like darts, air hockey, and foosball. I wouldn’t have anyone to come play with me though. 😦

    I love how the tater tots have multiple dipping sauces! That’s just what I like, some variety! haha

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