Ipsy f0r March


I wanted to start this post off by reminding you all that I’ll be closing my giveaways at the end of the day, so if you haven’t entered yet- give it a read and leave a comment which bag you’d like to win: 3 giveaways HERE check back there to see if your name was picked!

Let’s get into March’s Ipsy bag…

The bag itself

This month’s bag is a nice quality material and texture, thick & sturdy feeling. I like the metallic rose gold color a lot, and the blue star-shaped zipper is super cute. The quote for Women’s History Month is sweet, but I think the bag would look good without it as well. The inside they always do a great job of making it a fabric that’s easy to clean any makeup messes out of…

First Aid Beauty Hello Fab coconut smoothie priming moisturizer

This product feels quite nice on the skin and offers the tiniest bit of pigment/sheen once applied. It’s not heavy or sticky at all and after wearing it for a few hours, I didn’t notice it clogging my pores or irritating my skin in the slightest- which was the one thing I was nervous about when trying a new moisturizer like this…

SLMissGlam SS62 short shader brush

I was very excited to receive another eye brush in my bag this month. They’ve been doing well to not send me bigger brushes (used for face makeup that I don’t wear) which has been a blessing! This is my first SLMissGlam brush, and it’s super pretty with the glitter handle & gemstone accents. The bristles are short and soft which offers easy application of eyeshadow. During that I didn’t notice any shedding and it’s very lightweight…

Space Case Cosmetics eyeshadow in Messy Lochnessy

This is a gorgeous olive green shade with a slight gold shimmer shift to it. It gave little to no kickback when getting it on my brush to apply and went on so easily. The pigment is lovely and the shadow stuck well to my lid while blending out across it well too! I did notice some fading throughout the day of wearing it, but it came off very smoothly when removing it with micellar water on a cotton pad. Happy when makeup removal isn’t crazy messy…

Tarte Maneater voluptuous mascara

This product has a long, straight applicator brush which made me think it may prove difficult to apply. But it wasn’t bad at all! The formula provided separation and some lengthening while coating my lashes with a deep black pigment. No clumps in sight either… I have to say this was the easiest mascara to take off that I’ve ever experienced- didn’t tug on or rip out any of my lashes and didn’t smudge/flake all over my face either! I don’t tend to use many different mascaras, so they aren’t my favorite thing to receive in my bag, but the simple removal is a huge plus for me (:

Ciaté London mini lip lustre in Call Me

This gloss went on completely transparent even though it shows up sparkly pink in the tube. It goes on smoothly, but dries down to be quite sticky. Glosses aren’t really my thing since I have long hair that will get caught in my lips as soon as a slight breeze passes, so hopefully my reviews from previous bags (and this one) will stop them from sending me more…


After priming moisturizer

Eyeshadow on

Mascara on

Gloss on

Full look

I was able to create a full look out of this bag alone, but it’s not one I’d normally choose to put on. I prefer eyeliner when I have a muted lip like this… I would definitely use the moisturizer again because it didn’t irritate my skin at all and felt nice on my face! The eyeshadow I love and worked so well with the SLMG brush, so I’ll be coming back to those too. I might pop the gloss on over a different shade of lipstick in the future, but probably only if I have my hair up or we’re staying indoors (since my hair would stick to my lips otherwise). The mascara will totally get used cause I know it’s easy to take off. I’d give this month’s bag 4/5 stars simply because it isn’t my favorite, but there are some products I’ll get more use out of combined with things I already own- or maybe products from future bags? We’ll see!


All the products!

After a few hours of wear

Everything off!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s Ipsy bag and my reviews of all the items I received. Please don’t forget to enter the giveaway because I will be closing it this evening and editing that post with the winner’s names at the top: 3 giveaways HERE

18 thoughts on “Ipsy f0r March

  1. Omg everything you recieved here is so pretty!! I LOVE the bag aah. Mascara with easy removal and no clumps? Yess!! Also, is there ever a time when you’re not slaying the photogenic game?? Aah girl you look amazing with makeup and without! Love the look ❤

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