March fav0rites


Happy Friday and happy almost end of the month! I have a lot of faves from March- so sit back, relax, and enjoy all the pics…


A few no-category faves to start this post off: seeing cute animals for sale at Petco (a baby Russian tortoise and a few tiny White’s tree frogs) AND not wearing makeup even on days off. It’s just been nice to feel bare-faced and fresh all day!

A mini haul

I had a few doctor’s appointments this month and one of the days, we did a bit of fun shopping afterwards. I got green tea KitKats, a fat cat sticker, some froggy toe-socks, and a big comfy bedtime tee shirt. We also picked up a lovely lavender hand soap from Target. Justin bought the nicest jacket ever: looks good on me, but so HOT on him and it fits perfectly. I’ve suggested he wear it every time we’ve gone out since!

Blog-related faves

I’ve really enjoyed planning posts this month, so much so that I have all of April’s posts scheduled (but I’ll probably move things around). I have a few notes in my phone for brainstorms, dates to post, and some more descriptive thoughts on each one. I also had a blast hosting my 3 giveaways! Even though it’s closed now, you can still check out that post: HERE

Food & drinks

Always the biggest category of my favorites, I have a lot of these this month. Firstly, gluten-free falafel from Greek on Cary! My daily (morning) Irish breakfast tea with a splash of creamer, Blaze customizable gluten-free pizza, any and all Original Sin hard cider flavors, and microwaveable taquitos. I also used the DoorDash app for the first time and ordered bubbleless bubble tea which was so delicious!!!


One of my fave games for March was the iOS app Furistas Cat Cafe which is just adorably fun! Also the ever-addicting Switch game: PikuNiku that has multiplayer which had Justin & I cracking up laughing… I’ve really liked having SuriNoel’s live streams on in the background just for extra nice cat content (:

I hope you enjoyed this month’s favorites. Stick around til the beginning of April when I’ll be going back over my “Notes” from March. Thanks as always for reading!

2 thoughts on “March fav0rites

    1. Haha yeah, we love seeing our type of frogs at the store cause they rarely have them available! And I’m hoping to be able to put together another giveaway sometime this year 🤞🏼 thanks for commenting


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