C0ach c0llective


As excited as I am to show you my latest Coach purchase, I’ll be saving that for the end of this post. Firstly, I want to share my makeup and perfume collection- minus the items I use everyday & Ipsy stuff I’ve already shown. So let’s get into it…

My perfumes

After going through my entire desk in February, I got together all my perfumes and straightened up my mini drawers to display a few favorites on top and put the rest inside. I have a full size Elizabeth Arden fragrance that I received free in a past VoxBox from Influenster. I also got samples a while back from them for the two Vera Wang bottles you see pictured ^ I liked them so much that I asked my parents for the full size of each that Christmas. They’re some of my most used! I also have a couple Scent Trunk sprays that I customized, they’re mainly a lime scent which is really fresh. Along with the original testers they send before creating your own perfume. The Nest rollerball I have is a much deeper smell that’s very blackberry based. Other than that, the rest is mostly little sample sprayers from Tiffany and some other random brands I haven’t even tried out yet! As far as perfumes on my wishlist, I really just want the Daisy Bloom because it’s such a pretty bottle and the scent is lovely (:

Other makeup

I have a spot for my main makeup I use on a regular basis and a place to keep all my Ipsy bags with the items that came in them, but all my other makeup had yet to be organized before I cleaned my desk area up. I gathered everything to take pictures and finally managed to get it nice and, as neatly as possible, into the mini drawers. I put all my mascaras and eyeliners in one drawer and fit as many of my lipsticks into another one. I’ve received a few mascaras as gifts and some in boxes, but I don’t really reach for different ones when I’m doing my normal makeup. I also have a few different colored pencil/twist up liners. I’ve tried so many different liquid liners because my all-time fave one is so difficult to find in stores, but none of them have been easy enough to use or given me the result I want like my Maybelline Master Precise felt tip. Does anyone know why when you find something perfect for you, stores like to stop selling it? It’s crazy! As for lip products, I have a little Tarte collection of lippies that I got a few Christmases ago, my Clinique chubby sticks and mini Crayola collection, a couple Colourpop lippie stix + a pencil and 3 liquid lips, my much-loved Winky Lux lipsticks and balms, and then some random brands like MAC and Bite. I have a lot of lip products (in my opinion), but I got quite a few of them in boxes or other subscriptions where I didn’t get to choose the formula or color, so I don’t get use out of those as much as the ones I bought and got to actually select myself. My faves are definitely the Colourpop lippie stix and Winky Lux balms! How full is your lipstick drawer?

The Grand Loafer

I’ve been seeing Ads for this shoe on basically any form of my social media for the past 6 months and I’ve wanted them the whole time. It was just speaking to me! Once they went on sale, I finally buckled down (lol) and ordered two sizes online because I wasn’t sure which would fit. They came in a gigantic box the next day and I was so excited to get into it. I couldn’t even get my foot into the smaller size, but the other size worked for me. They slip in the back a bit because it isn’t a PERFECT fit and the shape of the shoe is just kinda like that. I got some inserts to help hold my heel in more, but they’re so textured that it was hurting my foot more than the shoe itself. They’re not nearly as uncomfortable as they look and I actually really like wearing them around. I’ll just have to find a non-slip insert that isn’t more painful than having my foot slip out a little… I’m even more excited now that I’ve given them a test drive. It’ll be fun to pair them with outfits this spring and summer since I’ll be “editing” my entire wardrobe in the coming months. This time I’m going to look at each piece of clothing and ask myself: have I worn this in the past year or two? If I haven’t, it goes in the donation pile. I’m tired of dreading my closet because it’s overfilled and overflowing. I have so many items from high school and hand-me-downs from even more years ago. They’ve got to go! Stay tuned for that adventure (:

2 thoughts on “C0ach c0llective

  1. Omg your makeup collection is to die for! And those shoes from Coach ❤ ❤ ❤ I want them so badly! They are beyond stylish ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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