Paddy & daddy


Since my dad’s birthday falls very close to St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to combine the two into one wonderfully celebratory post!

I’ve been blogging for 2 years!

Also, celebrating my blog’s 2nd birthday. Yesterday marked two whole years I’ve been blogging. Seems like I just started yesterday and while I still have a lot to learn- I couldn’t be more grateful for the support I’ve received from all of you (:

The reptile expo

The day after my dad’s actual birthday, our city’s raceway was hosting a reptile expo. I invited my dad out as a way for us to spend the day together and celebrate him turning another year older. It was the first one we’d ever been to and while I wasn’t disappointed at all- there were a few things that surprised me. The building was smaller than I expected and there were a lot more people than I thought there would be! I was sad they didn’t have more frogs to see, but there were tons of different snakes and geckos. We saw a few chameleons, pacman frogs, and pixie frogs (the kind I want to get next). Unfortunately, we haven’t moved yet so we aren’t getting any new pets currently and didn’t buy anything from the vendors. It was still a really cool experience and has me excited to visit more like this and even this one again. I think my dad enjoyed it too as Justin & I would often find him wandering off to look at a different animal that interested him…

Lunch date

After the expo, we took Dad to Plaza Azteca for lunch. He was bummed that they didn’t have Bailey’s & coffee (which was what he wanted), but we all ended up getting margaritas- so we ended up happy! Mine was funnily enough called The Purple Gecko lol and it was delicious. The food was also super yummy and we left feeling very FULL (:

Office tour & frog fun

We still felt like we had a lot of our day left, so Justin offered to show Dad around his office after lunch. It was a quick drive over and he seemed pretty impressed! I took selfies in the lovely natural lighting of course and then we went back to the apartment. I didn’t get any photos of it, but we took the frogs out to show Dad how much they’ve grown and let him see them in action. He liked petting them and thought they were very cute (: he dropped off my laptop to me that he’d fixed and then he headed home. It was a really nice day spent with him and I feel we all had a fun time together…

Wiped out

Apparently it was too much for Justin, he had to take a nap!

Top of the mornin’

We slept in the next morning and woke up the Irish way with Bailey’s & coffee plus some Lucky Charms… I wish I could start everyday like that lol

Shamrock shade

We threw on some going-out clothes in the afternoon to go to Starbucks for a good ole green drink! Gotta love the color of a matcha Frappuccino (:


Spent the remainder of our lazy Sunday painting my nails and playing one of my new favorite games: PikuNiku on the Switch! It’s silly and the art style is really adorable. I chose a peachy color for my nails…it didn’t last very long once I got back to work on Monday, but I’m hoping I’ll get some time off soon to coat them with another pretty color again (:

That’s really all we got up to that weekend mid-March, but it was so relaxing and enjoyable. I’m super thankful when I get time like that whether it’s to myself or sharing it with family. Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned Tuesday for my next post!

4 thoughts on “Paddy & daddy

  1. Omg you have Baileys! It doesn’t get more Irish than that haha
    I’ve never had lucky charms before xD we don’t have them in Ireland at all but it looks like a really sweet cereal haha

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