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It’s almost the end of April and we’ve had a jam-packed month so far! My favorites are full to the brim and that always puts a smile on my face, so stay tuned for my next post when I share all of those. I’m off today and about to complete my final NOTE in a few hours, so stick around for my first post of May to see the things I accomplished. Today’s post is all about, well… a lot of different things. Let’s start with the clothing:


I don’t wanna show too much of what I did get, but I’ll tell you I have been shopping around a bit for new items. I wouldn’t normally do this because I have SO MANY clothes, but I’ve come to the point in my life where I’m ready to really get rid of most of them. I’m finding I don’t know what to wear a lot because I don’t like what I have. My style has changed a ton over the years, sure, but it’s mostly because more than half the things I own aren’t even pieces I picked out. I have more hand-me-downs than I know what to do with, literally. Plus most of the clothing I did choose is so old it’s from high school and I definitely need to donate or even throw away most of that stuff. Especially since we’re going to be getting a house and moving within the next few months, I want to completely edit my wardrobe. I’ll be ditching basically anything I know I haven’t worn in the past year (or two cause some things are too important). Another reason I wanna do this is because my body has been changing a lot lately with cutting out gluten entirely this year and working out everyday- so I honestly do need new clothes that fit me comfortably and accent the new shape & size of me! I’ll totally be updating you guys on how things are going and try to donate as many items as I can. I know some stuff I’ll have to thrown out cause it’s just too worn, but there’s definitely pieces that didn’t get enough wear that I could potentially sell on Depop or Poshmark. Which one do you use? Let me know in the comments (:

My upcoming haul post will be broken up into 2 parts and one of those will be CLOTHING so keep your eyes peeled!


Justin did something wild, but I’m proud of him (after the initial shock wore off). He bought himself a Lamborghini and I know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t you guys trying to buy a house?” But he didn’t finance it or take money away from our already saved down payment stash. He’s been saving for 4 years to buy this car. It’s a used 2008 Gallardo Spyder and he absolutely loves it! It’s not my favorite thing to ride around in cause of all the eyes on us instead of the road, but when he guns it- I have to admit it feels fun lol like a rollercoaster. But he’s been having a blast meeting other people and talking about cars cause let’s face it, it’s a conversation piece. Now he’s thinking about what practical car to get next to replace his Jetta…

Cuisine part 1

Sometimes, a lot of the time, when it comes to dinner- we get lazy and don’t end up making anything at home. The food we’ve had out this month has been great. We visited one of our favorite bars in the city, but they got rid of my drink! They didn’t have it on the menu and apparently couldn’t even make it upon request anymore (like they threw out and forgot the recipe, idk). But their food was still crazy delicious. We also went out with my mom another day, after Justin took her for a ride in his new car. We tried going to two different places to eat that happened to be closed that day! We ended up at a restaurant we’d all been before and had an awesome time (:

Cuisine part 2

We solved our problem! No longer will we waste money (and food) by buying dinner ingredients at the grocery store and leave them in the fridge/freezer til they’ve gone bad. With Hello Fresh, we get exactly the right amount of ingredients and the directions for making the meals are so simple & quick, you can’t be lazy. It’s been great having 2 servings and no leftovers to store that would eventually be forgotten. Justin has been making all the meals we’ve picked out, but I did attempt the meatloaf and we both really enjoyed it! We may have a bag full of whole potatoes cause I used a bag mix instead of mashing them myself, but I just really hate using our crappy stove/oven. It smoked up the entire apartment when I had to broil the meat. Our smoke alarm has been having a field day lately lol I honestly can’t wait to have a real kitchen with updated (and safe) appliances. I’ll be cooking & baking more when I don’t get so frustrated working in such a tiny space too. Only a little while longer til we’ll be applying (:


I hope you all enjoyed this post, I’ll be running some errands today and then back to work tomorrow. We do have a mini-vacation planned for next weekend though, so something to look forward to as I hope you do with my posts! Thanks as always for reading. Happy Friday & have a great weekend (:

13 thoughts on “Cl0thes, cars, cuisine

  1. Omg, everything about this post makes me so excited! You’re moving and you’re revamping your style and wardrobe, that’s so cool!!! And congrats to Justin for finally saving up to buy such a cool car, I’m not usually into cars but DAMN that’s super sleek! And the food, the tacos made me CRAVE for them, but its so hard to get tacos over here in Singapore! And how nice you have this system that helps you not waste food and they all look pretty nutritious and good urghh, if only the service was available here! Great post Shannon!

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  2. Omg the car is gorgeous!!! Also that’s some major dedication to save for four years for the car, good for him! Can’t wait for you guys to find the perfect home so you can go crazy with the cooking!

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    1. I’m gonna try! I used a lot of gift cards I had to get the clothing I’ve bought so far (that’ll be in my upcoming haul). The pieces I have that are still wearable I’ll definitely try to add to my Depop so they can be worn by someone else (: I’ll just have to find a place to store them while I wait for them to be sold…


      1. I hope so too! I’m not looking to make much off them, just give them new life, but it still helps me fund my new wardrobe 🤷🏻‍♀️ the cycle of clothes lol


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