April fav0rites


It’s the last day of April! This was an awesome and fun-filled month for me, and I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you all…

Food/drink faves

Most important first. My tasty favorites this month were obviously the Hello Fresh meals that Justin made, but I already showed those in my last post. So the other ones are: fried pickles, which we had at 3 different places! Also gluten-free pizza from Mellow Mushroom and MOD Pizza (so delicious). Justin ordered us a gluten-free apple pie from the bakery around the corner from us and it was amazing! The crust didn’t taste any different from regular pie, the middle was a bit jelly-like and almost tasted the same as the inside of a McDonald’s pie, and it was a tad on the cinnamon side (but nothing can compare to my mom’s homemade apple pie). Would definitely get again lol another dessert item was the matcha macarons the tea shop had. For drinks, the cocktails Justin & I had at Mellow we’re spectacular as usual (: YUM

Beauty/clothing faves

I really loved coordinating my nails to match the outfit I put together for my Ipsy look this month. It included a top I picked up from Madewell recently that’ll also be in my clothing haul (a future post in the making). The peachy color is so happy and perfect for spring! You’ve already seen my new Coach Grand Loafers that I’m obsessed with ^ and I finally got on the trend bus by buying a Kylie lipstick. I got mine in the shade Miami (this will also be in a future haul post). I love the texture and the color, so I can totally see where people are coming from with the hype for these (:

Media faves

I’ve been loving Marina’s new music lately and her CD is on its way to me now from my pre-order! My favorite song off the album would have to be Orange Trees as I can’t stop listening to it. I’ve also still been playing around with the Zepeto app ^ the pictured background is from our recent trip to Maymont Park where we had a very SPRING photo shoot that’ll be in an upcoming post… We’re going to be taking a mini-vacation soon, which is getting me very excited for summer. So I did a bit of online shopping for swimsuits and got a couple solid pieces from Target too. That was a trip on its own, so I’m hoping the patterned ones will fit alright at least on top- but they were really cheap so NBD. PokémonGO is still holding on and it’s nice that they added the feature to track your steps/distance and show you how far you’ve been each week! I also changed my avatar’s outfit to be a bit more spring/summer appropriate. You like? Lastly, I’ve been checking my tarot app more frequently this month and maybe (could just be coincidence) that’s why I’ve drawn more positive cards. Who knows! It’s still been a lot of fun playing around with it (:

That’s it for my favorites this month, all nice and tidy into those categories. I just lost my blog prep note on my phone mid-way through typing this out, so I’m having a mental breakdown currently trying to recover it. Hopefully I can and I’ll be able to keep blogging as per usual, but if I miss my Friday post- you’ll understand why. Thank you for reading!

16 thoughts on “April fav0rites

  1. I’m glad this had been a good month for ya! I love your sense of fashion btw, its so beautiful and you wear colors and prints so beautifully! The shoes are so adorable!!! And that tarot card app looks so pretty!!!! What’s the name of it?? And i hope you’ll be able to recover your notes soon! If not, maybe just write something spontaneous? I’d love to read a spur of the moment thought!

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    1. Thank you so much! Then I think you’ll really enjoy my clothing haul when I finally get that post up haha the tarot app is called “Golden Thread Tarot” 🤗 I was devastated that the note just vanished, but hopefully it’ll come back just as miraculously!

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    1. Thanks, and yeah I really love the art on the cards too! I wasn’t able to get the note back, but after being deeply depressed for 2 whole days- I rewrote my draft for tomorrow’s post and feel a bit better about it now (:

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  2. YOUR CARAMEL NAILS AND SHIRT I DIEEED!! Your fashion sense just- ❤ Also wow now I'm craving pizza and fried food but I shall hold the urge because it's almost 11 pm haha. Ew, I just said shall. I just finished an english assignment so that's probably why. PokemonGo is turning into a health app? YES PLEASE. This is such a great wrap up and everything is looking gorgeous on you ❤ All the best for May!

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