MAYm0nt park ‘19


Today’s post is quite photo-heavy, so if you enjoy outfit pictures and lovely scenery…please read on!


We got showered, dressed, and ready to go just in time to find a place to eat lunch on our way to the park. I put together an outfit full of some new clothes (that’ll be shown more in an upcoming haul): an embroidered stripey button-up tee with comfy blue shorts and my Tevas! Justin looked prepared for the warmer weather as well with his peach-colored speckled tee and a pair of almost white shorts. We hopped in the Lambo and were on our way…

Sticky Rice

We tried a different sushi joint in our city and it was awesome! The outside was super cute and the inside was even cooler, very decorated and hip. We both got hot green tea to start and ordered a couple rolls. My California roll had REAL crab in it and the other roll I got (can’t remember the name) was so big, it was difficult to fit the pieces in my mouth lol Justin got something called Sticky Balls which he really enjoyed. He got one of their red velvet cake pops as dessert (:

Goofy posin’

Once we got to our favorite park, we walked a different way than we normally do- towards the big house! It’s so gorgeous and the perfect backdrop for some “senior pic” photos which are always fun to take. I remember we did the same type of thing the first time we came to the park together…

Flowers & kicks

Spring bloom in full effect and also spring fashion! Love the bright white chunky shoes on him (:

Purple pics

Found a few more perfect spots for taking photos, along with more beautiful flowers. These are some of my favorites that Justin took- even the silly ones! I think the green of the grass, the blue of my outfit, and the purple of the hanging plants really sit well with each other (:

Walking about

We took a stroll through the Italian gardens to see all the different colored blooms they’ve got planted throughout. It’s one of the most colorful parts of the park and one of our favorite areas! It was such a nice day as well, the temperature was PERFECT and the overcast sky kept it cool enough not to sweat (thank GOD)…

Mid-day treat

Justin kept asking me if I wanted anything from the ice cream truck they had on the side of the walking path…so eventually I asked if HE wanted one and we went over and got ourselves some cotton candy ice pops. They were very tasty and gave us a lil boost of sugary energy to get us through the end of our walk…

Big hefers

The rain was threatening to pour down on us, but we couldn’t leave without seeing the cows! I offered the lady one a buttercup- she lifted her head and came over to me. It was the cutest thing, and I’m so glad I was able to capture it in these photos. You’ll see in the last picture, I was sad to see them go…

But they must’ve known the storm was about to hit cause it started sprinkling on us as we walked all the way across the park to the parking lot where we came in earlier. It was such a wonderful day spent enjoying the weather and the scenery in one of our absolute favorite places in the city! Hope you enjoyed all the photos (:

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