Hauls t0 the wall (part 2)


Almost forgot to post this today because I had to call out of work due to an insane and totally random skin reaction. My face & neck were blotchy red and so itchy…last night after my normal nighttime skin routine- my face started burning, especially around my eyes and mouth. I’ve been dealing with irritation at the edges of my lips lately, but I chocked that up to summer heat hitting hard. This was completely different and I’ve honestly never felt like I did last night when it flared up. I had to take a Benadryl just to sleep because my eyelids felt like they were on fire and Justin said my under eyes were super sunken. He was shocked since I usually don’t have issues with my face anywhere near as bad as this. We thought back through the whole day to see if anything weird or new could’ve caused it, but we both came up with nothing. I highly doubt it was any of my products as they’re all things I’ve used for a while that have never given me any problems. I’m sure it probably first stemmed from extreme stressors, but the flare up was something else. I was seen and evaluated at the ER since no doctor’s office could take me as a walk-in appointment today. I left with the diagnoses of undetermined rash and possible viral infection (cause of a consistent cough). So I’ll be taking prednisone for the next 5 days and using Cetaphil to cleanse my face. I’ll apply my regular Aveeno lotion after to keep some moisture, but I won’t be using any of my other routine products until whatever this is goes away. Sorry for the complain-y medical rant introducing you to this post, but I thought I’d update you all since it’s fresh in my brain lol onto the haul!


Yes, I know, I put shoes in my clothing haul so I could’ve put the purses in that post instead. I just wanted a more even number of pictures/items per part of this haul. Unfortunately, the first thing in this category I didn’t end up keeping. I ordered a pair of glasses online with my prescription and they almost worked out…but the Rx was a bit wonky on the lenses, they were a slightly different shape than what they looked like on the website, and the fit was so tight! Even if my eyes could adjust to the off-Rx, I’d still end up with a headache from the arms squeezing my brain lol but they’ll be returned shortly and I’ll get a partial refund. It was fun to try shopping like that for something I’d never bought online before…

My original sport band that came with my Apple Watch was getting worn out, stretched, and altogether a little dingy. Justin recommended I try the type he has which is a Velcro kind that can be adjusted to any fit. Getting this one has helped me with not having to shift and tug on my watch throughout the day anymore. It’s so nice being comfortable and sometimes I can’t even tell it’s there! Plus I love the dusty rose color to match my watch face…

The first Coach purse shown above is the Selena Gomez collab for their bucket bag. I had seen this all over my social media ads (the bane of my existence) for a while and when I was finally thinking about how I did need a new purse…it was gone from their site. Justin *my hero* managed to find someone selling a brand new one online somewhere with tags attached and at less than what Coach used to be selling it for. So even though I was content with picking a different one out, Justin got it for me as an Easter gift. I love the colors, the style, and especially the size! It’s very convenient to have a smaller bag that isn’t a mini backpack (:

The bigger Coach bag is their Dreamer in colorblock. This one I fell in love with as soon as I saw it because of the different kinds of leather in all different shades! After one of my Lush serum bars melted all over the inside of my last purse, I’ve been in need of a new big bag. I think the compartments on this one are perfect and the feeling of it is super soft. I did splurge a bit to get this, but once we apply for pre-approval for our home loan (this week), we won’t be able to use any credit cards til after we close the final deal. It may just have been the right time to buy…

If you saw my recent favorites, you’ll know how much I adore this Kylie lipstick in the shade Miami. It’s a deep coral that I wasn’t sure would look good on me, but ended up being the most spectacular summer color I could’ve hoped for- it feels fabulous on too!


The other items I decided to add to this haul were accumulated over the past couple months and the last few are gifts from Justin to cheer me up when my main blogging note just vanished from my phone. When we were at Madewell using my Christmas gift card to get some new clothes (see part 1 haul post), they had a sale going that you had to spend so much money to get a percentage off. I was $10 away and had pointed out a glasses case when we walked in, so I grabbed that which happened to be $10 so WIN lol

Ever since I smashed the front screen protector on my phone at the Young The Giant concert a while back, I’d been wanting/needing a new phone case. Of course those treacherous ads started popping up cause they’re listening to my thoughts…so I picked out a super cute yoga skeleton design with glittery bubble stuff behind it. I added the screen protector to my order as well and let me tell you how much better it is to have a full screen without cracked lines all over it: wonderful

Kinda boring but I also got mineral toothpaste for safe whitening and some turmeric capsules to help me combat the crazy face inflammation that hits me once the heat & humidity increase…

Lastly are the Pokémon cards Justin surprised me with last week. We were so excited to see the movie (which we watched yesterday and it was awesome), so he plucked some cards while running errands at Target and we opened them together. We always have fun doing that, seeing what the other will get and then trading for our faves. He really is my heart and not just cause he knows how to pull me out of my deepest depressions, but because he believes in me and shows me support like no one else. Thank you JUSTIN ❀

That wraps up my 2 of 2 for these hauls. I hope you enjoyed the randomness of the new things I’ve hoarded in recently. I don’t even know what I’m posting this coming Friday cause I don’t have my trusty note anymore, but please stick around for a nice surprise later this week when I post again (: thanks so much for reading and I hope you all have a lovely week, stress-free!

14 thoughts on “Hauls t0 the wall (part 2)

  1. Ooooh so sad to hear about the sudden rash, i’m praying for a speedy recovery! πŸ™ˆ as always, loved the pictures and the items esp the first Coach Bag, and the phone case, gorgeous! Thank you for sharing and may you and Justin walk this life together, happy, healthy and everything you guys wish for πŸ’–πŸ’–

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    1. Thank you so much πŸ’› the sunglasses are actually old and I’m wanting to get new ones, but I haven’t found the right style/shape just yet. I’ll def share when I do though!

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