H0w in the hair?


You’ve probably seen the ends of my hair changing color back & forth throughout the past couple posts, so this will explain everything! I’ll also dive a bit into how I actually do/maintain my more-than-2-feet of hair…


I’ve had the ends of my hair bleached/lightened since last summer, but I started to notice the more I was out in the sun lately- it was looking even more blonde! My hair usually doesn’t change much on its own in the summer sun, but I guess since it was already bleached a little IDK but it made me wanna dye it…


I love the box that our goodies came in cause the inside is yellow. I’ll get to my hair change in a sec, but I wanted to show what color I got for Justin. I let him choose obviously, so he wanted to try their pastel silver. Here’s Justin’s before & after bleaching because the color I got for him is a pastel, so it only really works on platinum strands. We didn’t know this the first time we tried it, so the night previous to these photos- we put the gray on and were so confused when it didn’t look any different lol so the bleaching began! I love that Overtone dyes aren’t really dyes, they don’t lighten or hurt your hair at all. They deposit color with coloring conditioner that only takes 15 minutes to set in (unless you use the regular colors and you have to lighten your hair prior to dyeing). Let’s see how his hair came out…

Pastel silver fox

It came out so well! We had a lot of fun going over & over blobbing on the gray. I think we both really liked this color on him, but it didn’t seem to last very long. I did read that Overtone may not stick as good in cleaner/less damaged hair, so that somewhat explains why it faded out of his hair quicker. Obvi the bleach stayed, so his hair is simply lighter now just like last summer! What do you think?

Rose gold change

I was so excited to see that Overtone had a couple colors available for brown hair. That means that the conditioner is specifically formulated to work even on hair that hasn’t been pre-lightened. I knew I only wanted to put this in the ends where I had lightened last summer so it would be a bit brighter. I absolutely LOVE the way it came out and it honestly is so ROSE GOLD I can’t get over how well it worked on my hair. If you haven’t tried Overtone, but wanna change up your hair color…they also have purple for brown hair. You basically just use it as a hair mask for 15 minutes and then rinse. To keep up with it, the kit comes with a daily color conditioner. You’ll use that instead of your normal conditioner in the shower, so it’s almost like you’re re-dyeing your hair each time you shower!

Dry & fading

Of course I TORE through the lil tube of daily conditioner, so the ends are starting to fade out a bit. I really am overdue (like almost 8 months) for a haircut. So before I go back in with the color-depositing mask again, I wanna get my destroyed ends snipped off. Idk when I’ll be able to do that, so my hair might go back to the color it was before…hopefully it doesn’t take me that long to find time for a trim! Lemme know in the comments what you think of the color??

How it’s done

A few photos above show the basics of what I use to do my hair (minus the in-the-shower products). So I’ll try to give a rough rundown of my routine: anytime I have to wash my hair, which is usually every other day, I brush it before my shower. I use a dandruff shampoo on just the front/hairline part of my scalp. Then I use a regular conditioner in the middle portion before my ends + the Overtone conditioner on my ends. I try to rinse with cold water cause I know it’s better for hair, but most of the time it’s lukewarm at best…

Post-shower I have to dry my hair like 100x so here’s the steps: towel dry the whole head of hair once after the shower, then put in a bun. Once I’m dressed- I’ll take my hair out of the bun and towel dry the whole thing again. Then I use the Wizard spray from Amika on the top part where I previously used shampoo (hairline area). That helps me brush through the madness and then I have to towel dry again lol then I separate the top half of my hair to brush through fully, pin that up, brush through the bottom half, and towel dry each half separately. I’ll then use a pick to get out any remaining knots and un-clump some of my strands. As the final dry, I’ll use an old soft tee shirt to squeeze the most moisture I can out of my hair…

To “style” if I’m just going to work: I’ll use the L’Oréal hair oil on just my ends and run through the rest with a leave-in conditioner. Most of the time, I’ll twist the top half and pin it so the outside layer has a bit more wave to it. If I’m going out, well lately I’ve been doing the same routine so it’s super low maintenance as far as styling. I don’t heat style at all anymore cause I just have TOO much hair for that lol

I added some funky/random hairstyles ^ in those last photos cause I was just bored. I’m growing my hair out so that I can do a glorious wedding braid without using extensions, but with all the stress I’ve been feeling lately- I’ve been wanting to chop it all off more than ever in the past month. I’ll most likely cut it to my shoulders once we get married. Still can’t decide (:

10 thoughts on “H0w in the hair?

  1. It definitely will serve a glorious wedding braid! Just don’t feel bad and don’t think about cutting it! Slow your pace and don’t stress out 💖

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  2. You literally have the longest thickest hair Ive ever seen! I love the rose gold/red in your hair! Id love to try out this brand because those colours are crazy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. First of all , your hair is amazing long and strog , I love it ❤ , the colours you choose ar so pretty , it's like a Tie-dye ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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