Ride til I can’t n0 m0re


Catchy title, huh? Yee. We went to Busch Gardens at the beginning of this month and I took way more pictures than last time we visited, so let’s DIVE IN

Day 1, riding all the rides

I wore my new Target outfit of a yellow tank top and matching floral denim shorts + my super comfy Teva sandals. I also brought along my Fila fanny pack!

My mom reached out and invited us to join her with her “kids” for their senior trip. I was so excited to go cause we LOVE Busch Gardens and even more cause my mom does not ride roller coasters…and even more cause I wanted to meet the kids she teaches cause she talks about how great they are all the time! She teaches special needs kids at the high school I went to which is like the coolest thing ever. Basically my mom is awesome lol she DID ride a few coasters which AMAZED me. She was so scared, but powered through her fears! Inspirational or what?? The kids loved riding with us as well and were cheering Mom on (:

We had a blast, rode almost all the rides in the park, and took photos as often as we could- but then had to say goodbye cause they weren’t staying overnight. We did…

The hotel(s)

So here’s the tea: we changed hotels halfway through the night. I originally booked us a room at a highly-rated Holiday Inn that was the second most expensive place near the park. The room itself was lovely, but there were these people just sitting in the hallway being loud as all get out. Like they didn’t know how to act in a hotel or get in their room? Idk. But we eventually called the front desk to ask them to quiet down (probably at 9pm). They hushed for a bit, but then got loud soon after so Justin popped his head out to ask them if they could speak a little lower cause we were gonna go to sleep. They didn’t seem to care about that at all cause it was 11 and they were still loud. So loud it sounded like they were right at our door, and these were GROWN UPS. Like a group of 10 or so, just sitting in rolling chairs (maybe from the rooms) in the hallway talking & being obnoxious. So we called the front desk again and it was a different worker, they asked the people to quiet down again. They still wouldn’t shut up and by midnight, their 3 strikes were up. So we packed our stuff and walked to the lobby- right through their lil pow wow in the hallway. We tried to get a refund for the 3 or so hours we’d used the room and got $39 of over $150 I’d paid -_- so I’ll be contacting my bank to fully refund that charge. Absolutely ridiculous. We drove right next door to the Marriott and spent almost $200 for a room just so we could have the PEACE & QUIET we deserved to sleep. When I had looked up the rooms to book a week before, this hotel had been all over $200 per night. That’s why I didn’t choose it first, but we learned our lesson and will only be staying in the very best hotels from now on to further avoid similar situations. The Marriott was even more lovely and the breakfast was FANCY! Justin got pancakes and I just had some cereal (cause the GF options were limited). But we got mimosas lol and I poured mine into the orange juice bottle to take it to-go incognito…

Day 2, drinking & walking

I wore a white bathing suit top and pajama top from Anthropologie over it + some soft blue shorts with the same shoes & bag.

We originally wanted to go to Water Country this day, but realized far too late that it wasn’t open for the season yet…

So since we had spent the first day in the park riding ALL the rides, we decided to keep it chill for day 2 and walk around (and drink a lot). This began with me getting a frozen margarita and Justin getting some citrus beer. Every sip gave me a brain freeze and the salt from the rim must’ve fell in cause the second half of my drink just tasted like frozen salt water. Ew. Onto the next! We went in every shop we passed and looked at all the fancy stuff they sell. My mom suggested we see a show while we were there, so we watched the pet show! It was super cute seeing all the animals performing their tricks. Then we took a short walk to the sky ride, which is just a gondola across the park. We got shots of Jameson afterwards and they were delicious with just the right burn lol and after lunch, I got a hard cider from the Festhaus building which was so good, but also really filling cause it was a huge cup. We caught a wildlife show towards the end of the day and took the train around all the stops in the park to end our trip (:

It was so much fun and I didn’t get sunburned! I did get one nasty sinus infection like a day before we went, but I took my Sudafed every 4 hours both days and got through it just fine. I’m really hoping that between the house-shopping we’ll get to go to the beach or another amusement park this summer. I need a tan! I love doing stuff with my mom & with Justin (obviously), and this weekend away was no exception. Thank you for reading and enduring all my complaining about those crazy hotel people (:

Hope all of you have a great weekend and a wonderful holiday if you’re in the USA!

6 thoughts on “Ride til I can’t n0 m0re

  1. Aww, love all the fun photos. Sorry to hear about the hotel situation. I had a similar incident at an Airbnb, and once the host did not answer my request to resolve the issue I called Airbnb and they refunded me 20%. xx

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