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If you’ve been following my string of complaints lately, you’ll have read that my skin recently freaked out over all the stresses in my life. So I didn’t get to quite use the products I received in this month’s bag like I was hoping I would or like I usually try to do- when I make a full look with everything that came inside. So things are a bit different this month, but I also received a VoxBox from Influenster a while back with some makeup goodies AND a surprise (unless you follow me on IG) product that I purchased from one of our very own WordPress blogger’s who’s recently turned into a businesswoman! Both of those I got a chance to test out before my face had a total meltdown lol

Let’s dive into Ipsy first:

The bag itself

I really like the look of this month’s bag and I was pleasantly surprised to find the glitter didn’t shed and cover everything that it came into contact with. The inside is lined like the past few month’s bags have been, so easy cleaning if anything were to spill (a major plus IMO). The tassel on the end of the zipper doesn’t say Ipsy on it, but it’s still super cute (:

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-one lactic acid treatment

This was a mistake on my part. I saw Sunday Riley and got way too excited to try another one of their amazing products, so I choose a deluxe sample add-on for my May Ipsy bag for $3 extra. I didn’t realize that it was this teeny tiny, and I was also disappointed to find out it was like maybe half full (when taking the picture, I had to squeeze pretty hard). I waited til my face had mostly healed to try this as a spot treatment on an acne scar, but I couldn’t really tell a difference after rinsing it off. I’m just glad it didn’t burn- cause that’s definitely a possibility with these kinds of products. I’ll try to use it again on that spot to see if over time anything happens, but I doubt there’s enough stuff in the tube to even get me there…

No more add-ons, I really mean it this time!

Innisfree pore clearing clay mask with super volcanic clusters

This was the final item I got to choose to go into my normal 5 things included in my monthly bag. I’m so glad I chose it for many reasons! Firstly, there’s a ton of product in this little tub and you don’t have to use much to cover your whole face. Secondly, this stuff feels awesome on my skin. I waited until I felt comfortable using something new on my face before trying this out, but Justin tried it too and we both really enjoyed the process. It doesn’t dry down too hard or give that cakey/itchy feeling like some masks. It also advises you to rub the mask into your skin in small circles while you’re rinsing it off because the clusters slowly exfoliate your skin after the clay has cleared out your pores! The Sunday Riley item said all-in-one, but I’d take this mask over that thing any day (:

Preventive Measures 101 After Hours hemp infused lip balm

They sent me another lip balm! I love it when they actually take into account my beauty profile and past reviews. This one says mint flavor, but it was super subtle which I like a lot. It felt very nice on my lips and definitely held the moisture in for a while. I put this on for the first time at night (in case my lips had any reaction to it), and I woke up with still-smooth lips. I was impressed by a brand I had never heard of and a product I didn’t even know was a thing that people hemp infused. This is why I love Ipsy…

Now, we’ll get into why I don’t like Ipsy:

Sistar Cosmetics It’s U Skin perfecting HD concealer in Ivory

They sent me a concealer. Are you kidding, Ipsy? I could show my beauty profile and past reviews to 100 other people and they wouldn’t have sent me another face makeup product, is it that hard to tell I don’t wear stuff like this? I wish they had a “swap out” option that you could use for one product each month instead of letting us choose the final item included in our bags. I got a highlight before and a fan brush previously, but I made sure to give them terrible reviews cause I will never use those items. I did the same with this, so let’s hope they get the hint!

Naked Cosmetics loose pigment in Naturally Nude #02

I wasn’t confident enough with my face status to try this one out for you guys this month, but maybe I’ll heal up well enough to test it out in a look soon! I really love the shade they sent me and I’ve heard great things about this brand. I wasn’t excited to see the packaging didn’t have those sprinkle holes on top, so I’ll have to be EXTRA careful whenever I apply this…

Ofra Cosmetics long lasting liquid lipstick in Mocha

Someone tell Huda Beauty, this is how you make a liquid lip! I liked this so much more than the one I added to my bag last month and Ipsy picked this out for me lol I LOVE the shade of this and it feels really good going on. It didn’t dry down too much and was comfortable for most of the day (: I’ll definitely be wearing this one again in the future- not the Huda one…

Final thoughts

I did some swatches of the concealer, loose pigment, and lipstick when I first opened the bag cause I didn’t know how long it would take for my skin to heal and I still wanted to show you guys how the products looked! First time doing that, but I’ll probably only ever do it if I don’t have time to test things out before my post. Let me know your opinion on that in the comments- swatches or no?

I gave this bag a 3 out of 5 stars on Ipsy simply because the concealer was a huge letdown, but the lipstick & face mask were the true MVPs this month! It was an OK bag, but let’s hope June’s is even better (:

Maybelline Snapscara VoxBox from Influenster

I received these 4 different colored mascaras from Influenster free for review! If you haven’t heard of it yet, Influenster is a free to download and free to use app where you can review tons of thousands of different products from makeup to pet food. The more you use the app, the quicker you are to earn these rewards called VoxBoxes. Influenster sends you a survey to complete to see if you’re eligible for their current campaign, then if you are- they send you a box of free goodies to review! It’s an awesome cycle and a great idea for free marketing (:

Blue & purple

I tried the blue on one eye and the purple on the other. The blue is lighter so the color pops a bit more than the purple, but you can still totally tell I’m not wearing classic black mascara. These products are not waterproof, so no waxy feel AND that means they come off with just water! I also tried the red a few days ago, but it’s pretty dark so you can’t really tell in photos. I like these a lot because they provide that fabulous lift and volume you expect from a Maybelline mascara while still being lightweight and not sticky. I completed all the tasks on my Influenster badge by posting on my Instagram, and I could even get bonus points for posting this blog (but it never seems to like my links). Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried these mascaras or used Influenster (:

Shoutout to Amanda!

You may know her here as La Dame Who Fell To Earth or the most gorgeous Irish/Parisian blogger on WordPress (her YouTube videos are also spectacular). She recently posted about her new business selling lipsticks, so you know I had to try one. I also ordered the whitening toothpaste- but I haven’t gone through my last tube, so I haven’t tried it out yet. I’ll make sure to post an update when I get to it. Anyways, I wanted to try this lipstick for a couple reasons: she’s awesome so I obviously want to support her in her business ventures AND she said this formula is super nourishing and not too drying at all, so you know I needed to find out what it felt like (after the Huda disaster).

Try-on with Snapscara

I ordered the shade Unbreakable which is like the most glorious oxblood red lip I’ve ever owned! She was NOT kidding around when she said this formula is nourishing because I wore it ALL DAY and didn’t have to reapply or put on my normal lip balm. I said before that the Ofra felt nice, so if you’ve tried that then this is how you can compare it- this feels even better than the Ofra lipstick. It’s got all kinds of vitamins and oils to keep your lips from drying out while also staying on for hours. I can’t recommend this product enough, so I hope you’ll message Amanda on her Instagram to get some shades for yourself, there’s tons more colors available! @ladamewhofelltoearth

Thank you again for being so sweet and helpful in messaging back & forth to get my order! I wish you the best of luck with this business (:

Thank you all for hanging in til the end of this very long makeup-heavy post. I really crammed everything in at the end of the month, but things have been wild lately. Hoping next month is a lot smoother and slower! Have a wonderful week xo

10 thoughts on “Ipsy f0r May

  1. GIRL YOU ARE THE FREAKING BOSS AT MAKEUP REVIEWS! I love you give detailed descriptions of each and are actually honest about disappointments like getting a concealer. As always, you’re rocking these photos and I hope your Ipsy bag for June is even better! Love the lipstick shade ❤

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    1. Thank you so much 🥰 you make me feel confident that my rambling isn’t for nothing! I try to be as honest & helpful as I can with my reviews, so I really appreciate that you see that in them. Thanks a billion for your constant support 💛 have a lovely week!

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