May fav0rites


I can’t believe today is the LAST day of May! This spring has flown by, especially because the weather has jumped straight into summer heat & humidity. This month has been all kinds of crazy, busy, stressful, etc. but that also means I have a ton of faves to share with you guys today (:

Clothing stuff

Of course I had to include my new Dreamer bag from Coach, but they were kind enough to send me a free jewelry box & perfume sample along with it! I also can’t stop wearing my Reaper tee from CoolShirtz cause it’s so big, comfy, and just funny lol I do enjoy how the warmer weather has me wearing sleeveless stuff which shows off my tattoos more. I had a lot of fun unboxing my Teva sandals & Guess x 88rising tee shirt. I did go shopping for a few summer essentials lately as part of my wardrobe editing process. I had to get rid of almost all of my denim shorts cause they were so old they no longer fit. I got a few with the folded hem @ Target and a couple on sale with a raw hem from AE. My favorite outfit this month was what I wore on Mother’s Day: new mustard top matching the stripes in my stretchy pants. To add to the big shirt trend, I picked up an XL crop top for $10 in one of my favorite clothing colors, which is like a slate blue (:


If you saw my last post, you’ll know how much I ADORE the NuSkin liquid lipstick I bought from Amanda on her Instagram. It’s the perfect shade and the formula is magical! On Mother’s Day we took my mom out for make-your-own pizza and then we painted our nails while Justin visited his mom. I did a classic red to match the stripes on my pants even more DUH I also was bored that evening, so I did a silly little braided up-do. I loved drinking green tea which I feel like is self care on its own (: but I combined it with a few face masks. Since I had that horrible skin flare up, the doctor recommended I wash with ONLY Cetaphil for at least the time I would be on the prednisone. So I went cold turkey and ONLY used Cetaphil (and a bit of Aveeno lotion to moisturize) for an entire week while my skin healed. I hated doing this because the stuff smells like public bathroom hand soap…but it’s still a favorite because restarting my skincare routine step by step is *hopefully* going to help reset my skin back to NOT being gross and broken out from stress! Pray with me pls!

Food & drink

I picked up a Bai bubbly black cherry drink while we were out on a hot day, and I actually really enjoyed it. Cheers to trying new things! Justin picked up Panda for us one night and it was of course delicious + the fortunes were very nice. The HelloFresh meals we had left since pausing were SO YUMMY. Justin made honey chicken one night and beef & veggie tacos another night. I tried another drink for the first time and kinda have mixed feelings about it: Vitamin Water Ice flavor is blueberry/lavender but it has an almost minty aftertaste, so that’s a bit weird. Otherwise it was pretty good! We went to Sushi King for the first time in a long time, and as you can see from the picture I took of my plate ^ my eyes were way bigger than my stomach. I got the Charlottesville, Dragon, Queen, and Christmas rolls. While grabbing something refreshing from Starbucks the other day when it was like 100 degrees, I saw that they had Goodie Girl gluten-free cookies in a flavor other than chocolate chip! These things taste EXACTLY like Thin Mints and went super well with the matcha frap. My mom brought over homemade fruit salsa when she visited for Mother’s Day, so naturally I ate almost all of it with cinnamon crackers. Best snack ever (:

Things with Justin

I added a hangtag (that I stole from Justin’s office) to my keys + a name keychain that a customer got for me! We played Red Dead Redemption 2 online with one of Justin’s friends which was super fun. Justin foolishly invited me into a week-long Apple Watch activity challenge…I won lol one of my biggest favorites this month was Justin starting his new business! He’s selling these really cute, highly-detailed, diecast model cars. It makes me happy to see him happy doing something he’s genuinely interested in. We masked together when I got my Ipsy bag this month too which is always a lovely time (:


The Zepeto app finally added cute outfits that I actually wanted to dress our avatars up in. Perfect for spring lol why do I even care? We saw this adorably tiny gecko in the pet store that was sleeping IN the venus fly trap (fake plant). It was so funny! To celebrate Detective Pikachu coming out, Justin got us some card sets and then we went to see it. The movie was so good and the Bulbasaurs were even cuter than I could’ve imagined. When we get it on DVD, I’m just gonna loop that one scene…

Those were my FAAAAVES for May! I hope you all had a fantastic month & have an even better June (: see you next Tuesday to share my notes from these past 31 days xo

13 thoughts on “May fav0rites

  1. Hi, i wanted to ask you about your sudden rash but i didn’t know how so i was awaiting an update in your posts and hopefully it looks like it lessened a bit hopefully gets better soon! Enjoyed your favs and pictures and everything πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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    1. Thank you! It’s definitely not as noticeable or bad consistently, but it did leave my skin damaged in spots. Plus going off my skincare routine and only using the Cetaphil + a small amount of moisturizer made me realize how important the other products were to keep my skin healthy. I’m on the right track now, slowly adding back in the things I used to use. One of my goals for June is to have my good skin back haha I really appreciate you asking though (:

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  2. Aaah those handbags are to die for! They are so cute and I love coach as a brand so much! Also I am BEYOND delighted that my lipsticks made it to your favourites post! The colour looks awesome on you and it matches your nails perfectly! ❀
    Thank you a million times for mentioning my beauty range girl! You're too cute xx

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