May’s n0tes


It’s the first week of June, and that means it’s time to go over my notes from last month! I wrote down 3 big goals I wanted to accomplish in 30 days and now we’ll dive in to how it went…

Apply & get pre-approval

This was the biggest goal and probably the most difficult to achieve. We had our credit scores up & got all of our paperwork in order before we sent everything in to our lender. We got a recommendation for this lender from our realtor and worked with both of them quite a bit in May to really get started with this home-buying process. They warned us that it would be trickier and maybe more strict since Justin is self-employed. But our lender did what she could to get us the best possible outcome. She tried getting an exception for his first year of business not turning a profit on paper, but that was denied. So our average combined income on the application isn’t as high as we’d hoped, but we submitted even more paperwork that would hopefully help our cause along. This goal I marked as HALF achieved in my planner as we did apply in May, but didn’t get the official pre-approval until yesterday! We finally know how much we have to work with and are setting up dates to walk through a few houses with our realtor. We already found one we really wanted, but unfortunately our letter came a weekend too late and they’d already accepted an offer by the time we were able to put in one ourselves. The 2 places we’ve seen so far have been huge learning experiences though. The first one seemingly check all our boxes from what the listing showed, but actually going in- we noticed quite a few things that we didn’t want in a home. There was barely any natural lighting, the layout was strange, and the price was way too high even according to our realtor. But it helped us a lot moving forward! The house that we saw next was the one we thought we wanted because even though it was a bit older and would need more TLC…we saw ourselves there and could even plan out where we’d place our belongings, cat area, living room set-up, etc. It was a letdown that someone got it before we could, but we’re still confident (even more so now that we have the pre-approval) that we’ll be able to find the perfect first home for us (:

Get sized for bras

The pictures above aren’t of what I got, but just a bralette I felt comfortable enough posting photos in ^ I checked this goal off cause I honestly did go online and tell a website why/how my current bras weren’t fitting and they suggested a different size for me to try. No, I didn’t let any physical human measure me, but it’s a step in the right direction. I was wearing 2 inches too large of a band (and on the wrong hook) and 1 cup size too small. So I went into Aerie this time instead of Victoria’s Secret to try on new bras in my new size. I was very excited as my old bras were getting really worn and stretched out so bad that idk how they ever fit me right. It feels so much more comfortable to be wearing the right size and I think it might even help my shoulders to hurt less! Luckily, we went shopping on Memorial Day weekend, so the bras were on sale. I got 3 different colors in 2 different styles, and I’m excited to go back for more in the future as I really enjoy the way that Aerie bras feel. It was recommended to me by Ashley from Bestdressed on YouTube when she lifted the VS veil from my eyes. It was like she shook me and said “wake up, their bras suck” lol

Start wardrobe editing

I didn’t realize that I’d be starting AND finishing this task basically all in one night. Justin took out the 5 bins from our storage closet, these housed my spring/summer clothes. I also removed all the fall/winter clothes from my closet and drawers. Then I got to work “editing” out the pieces that no longer fit me or that I hadn’t worn in over a year. This ended up being a third of my entire wardrobe. I filled up 3 trash bags (and then some) with clothes to donate and threw away a bunch of stuff I should’ve got rid of a long time ago. I also went through my shoes and pulled about half the pairs out. I decided not to list anything on my Depop cause this process is less about making money and more about saving space. I don’t like holding clothes I don’t want hostage while I wait for them to sell. It defeats the purpose and I don’t think I’d get much for the stuff if I ever did sell any of it. My mom did ask me to set some things aside that she might like so she can try them on and keep any pieces she wants. So I did make a small pile for that. Otherwise, everything went on a ride in Justin’s car to be donated. I felt really accomplished! Although I still don’t feel like I made enough of a dent to become fully closet-organized yet. But *spoiler* that’s one of my goals for June! I’ll be attempting to put everything that I’m keeping (from spring/summer) back in my closet and drawers. It’s all in somewhat sorted, folded piles on the floor of our bedroom right now…

I added the death card simply because I find it a super positive one when doing something as substantial as getting rid of so many un-worn and old pieces from my life!


This wasn’t an official goal, but I did tell myself I wanted to draw my tarot card everyday of May to see what my TRUE overall mood was for the month based on how I reacted to the cards I pulled. It went really well and I genuinely enjoyed seeing different ones come up each day. Whether they were inherently good or bad, it was nice to see how I could relate them to how I was feeling or things going on in my life!

Those were my notes for May. I hope you enjoyed reading through the goals I accomplished in the past month. I’m looking forward to June with excitement and confidence as we continue to house hunt & I continue to better organize all aspects of my life. Have a great week and I’ll see you all again this Friday for a new post (:

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