Spring fling


Happy Friday! It’s a happy day indeed because we found a house we love, put in our offer, and got accepted. It’s still a long process and we won’t be closing til the end of July, but we’re so excited and ready to move. Today, I’ll be sharing a bunch of pictures we took on Easter when we didn’t really do anything & my spring season subscription of Marzia’s box…

Mood bloom: round 1

The first box I received for the spring season included a rose face oil in a pump that wasn’t protected in the package at all. It wasn’t even in a box on its own, so of course with my luck- it had a giant crack down the side of it and, because of that, emptied it’s entire contents onto everything in my box. Some things that were in their own protective packaging were salvageable: the bandana, the pin, and the teas. But the art prints and all other items were soaked & slippery with oil. I was super disappointed, but immediately emailed customer service about the issue and they didn’t even ask for photos of the damage before letting me know they had shipped a replacement box. So grateful!

Mood bloom: round 2

The second box didn’t come with the rose oil at all (which was a bit of a letdown), but instead included a rose hand cream which I’ll probably gift to one of my sisters or my mom. Still a good sized product! This time, nothing inside was ruined. I got some eye masks too, along with duplicates of the things I was able to save from the first box (which is a nice bonus for having half of it destroyed upon arrival). I love the art that came with this season’s box. It’s very quirky/cute with the little bugs & silly sayings. The teas I didn’t like at all cause they tasted like coffee and had an unpleasant smell. I’m not a huge coffee person, so I do wish they were different kinds of tea. So overall it’s not my favorite box that I’ve received from Marzia’s subscription, but it’s definitely a great one!


Justin completely refreshed his skincare routine a little while back when we were at Sak’s and he stepped over to their Kiehl’s counter. The ladies helped him pick out an entire regimen that would hopefully target his biggest skin concerns: large pores, redness, dehydration. So far he’s really been liking it and his skin looks excellent! I just picked up a few things that’ve been on my wishlist for a while…you’ll recognize the Kylie lipstick, but I also FINALLY got a tangle teaser. I stumbled upon a lavender face spray from Mario Badescu, so you know I had to try it out AND I LOVE IT (: and last, but not least, instead of buying it online- I found the Bliss honey mask at Ulta and was so excited to try it. It feels super soothing so it’s the perfect product to use after microdermabrasion treatment. I’m working on getting my skin back on track this month and that mask has helped a lot already!

Easter/springtime portraits

We got our cute semi-formal outfits on and went outside to take pictures for Easter even though we didn’t actually do anything this year with people’s schedules all over the place and generally being TOO busy. It was nice to dress up a bit and look pretty for a mini photo shoot though! I showed off one of my new Coach bags and that (awful) Huda lippie I added onto a previous Ipsy. Justin was looking super sunburned *and SUPER HANDSOME*, plus I like the contrast of his polka dots & my stripes. Can we just look at the backdrop of the forest behind us?? SO GREEN! It looked really great in portrait mode too… I wish the shape and fit of the glasses ^ was better, but I decided I wanna get an updated exam before I purchase new pairs anyways. Everything always works it’s way out for the best. Like our house!!! Justin’s the only thing keeping me somewhat sane during the way-too-long process of actually being able to leave our apartment forever. I can’t thank him enough and couldn’t be happier to live with someone so understanding & hardworking. So excited omg!

I know this was kind of random and all over the place, but because I haven’t “tried” anything in the sub box besides the tea and the not-very-pigmented lip balm… I didn’t have many photos to make it a post on its own. So I hope you enjoyed our spring theme pictures at the end! Thanks for reading and always supporting me (: I’ll be keeping you all in the loop with house stuff too, so come back every Tuesday & Friday

12 thoughts on “Spring fling

  1. WoW! Congratulations on the offer being accepted for the house! That’s seriously amazing ! ❤️ Im glad the subscription box was replaced for you and your photos are so cute as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! I think I’m actually getting a bit sick from mostly all of the pent up stress leaving my body 🙈 still not a stress-free process, but the hardest part is over lol I really appreciate your kind words always 💛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww girl I hope you get better soon! I know that this is a stressful situation but amazing things are waiting for you! And the fact that you’ll soon have a house is just beyond insane! ❤ You can get through it and everything will be so wonderful and positive at the other side 🙂 I'm sure that using those face masks of yours and all the beauty products you received recently will help a lot!

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  2. Omg how exciting! I can’t wait to see how you design your new home! I imagine it’s going to be an arduous process but luckily Justin is right there with ya! Unfortunate the subscription box wasn’t that great! Here’s to a better one in the future! Omg, how is it helping Justin? Could yall do a whole product line review? That coach bag is so worth it by the way it struck my eye so quick i started scrolling down to find out where you got it from! You two are so adorable!!! So nice to read this post! (:

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    1. Thank you so much for this sweet comment! I’m excited for it too, so ready to get out of this apartment haha but I agree it’ll still be stressful for a while. We’re actually talking about creating a business of my own to add to Justin’s but it’s a 5-10 year plan cause we’d have to be certain it would make us enough money to live off (: more updates coming with the house process though. Our inspection is this coming Wednesday!

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      1. Omg, that’s so exciting! I hope I get to hear about those plans soon! Ahh okay hope all goes well during the inspection!

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