WTF stands f0r…


WTF is the main way the herp community simplifies the name White’s Tree Frogs. I personally thought this hilarious when I first read an article as we were learning about the species prior to purchasing our own. It made them even more of the perfect pet (:

I take pictures of them like crazy and I’m so excited to soon be moving them to a house where they’ll have their very own room (which will also be an office). Then eventually you’ll see here on my blog when we transfer them to a bigger enclosure. I’m not sure when that’ll be cause it’ll cost a lot and take some planning to find all the pieces we need…but keep an eye out!

Here’s some pictures, collages, and even memes I’ve compiled over the past few weeks/months that I wanted to share with you all as an update on how they’re doing & growing and also something simple to hopefully bring a smile to your face today…

They’re happy and healthy! Misery croaks daily and sometimes Fear tries to join in (even though he’s actually a girl and doesn’t have the throat sac to make the loud noises that Mis does). It’s still just as fun to watch the silly things they do as when we first got them- we’re always learning! It’ll be very satisfying to put them into a bigger home just as we’ll be doing in our own lives. Hopefully by the end of this year you’ll see them in a bigger tank. Cross your fingers (:

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I love our crazy froggos, our WTFs ❀ Have a lovely week!

14 thoughts on “WTF stands f0r…

  1. The fact that their name is shortened to WTF is so funny πŸ˜‚ They look so hypnotizing and it’s nice to see how much they’ve settled in and formed their own personalities πŸΈπŸ’–

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