Versatile bl0gger award


I was kindly nominated for this award by Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, Maggie! I appreciate your support (:

Rules for the award:

Thank your nominator and link their blog

Share 7 facts about yourself

Nominate 15 bloggers for the award

7 facts about me

1.) I’m mainly Italian (mostly Sicilian) & Irish/Scottish, but I do have some middle eastern in me too which I didn’t know until Justin & I got our ancestry results

2.) I have 4 major scars

1 on my forehead from an accident

1 on my wrist from a cat scratch

2 on my abdomen from my appendectomy

3.) My favorite pastime is doing anything artistic or creative (playing games, drawing on my iPad, taking photos, etc.)

4.) I love playing with makeup (different products, colors, looks) even though I’m not very good at it and I HATE taking it off

5.) My hair is just about 2 feet long

I used to wear it up in a tight bun everyday for years during my adolescence, but now it’s rare for me to do that or have it up at all

6.) I originally wanted to be a cartoonist when I was younger, then I thought I wanted to be a pharmacist. I eventually settled into my role as a pharmacy technician and have loved what I do for over 4 years now! I won’t be pursuing Pharmacy school or any higher education

7.) I honestly don’t know what my “style” is clothing-wise. I just wear what I think looks good on me & things that’re comfortable

Breaking the rules

Instead of nominating bloggers, I’m gonna open this award up to anyone who read it! Congrats, YOU’RE NOMINATED (: and an extra special thanks for reading. Have a lovely, wonderful weekend xo

7 thoughts on “Versatile bl0gger award

  1. Me too! I love playing with makeup, not too good either and a chore to take it all off! It just triggers that fun creative part of you right? Your hair is sooo long, I can’t wait for my hair to reach that length! Is there a reason why you don’t want to progress to a pharmacist, Im curious? I would say your style is feminine chic, super adorable and so pretty! I liked reading this! ☺☺☺

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    1. Thanks for your awesome comment! I think once I got into the technician role, it was definitely a better fit for me than something more managerial/superior like a pharmacist- I’m better at being delegates to tasks and helping than actually telling others what to do. Very sweet compliment on my style, you’re too kind (:

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