For the first time ever, I got a week of paid vacation from my job. Unfortunately, we have to request which week we’d like and seniority rules as far as who gets which week. So I got the previous week and we couldn’t really do many “vacation” type things because we’re still in the homebuying process. But it was still really nice to relax on these multiple days off. Here’s what we got up to…

Father’s Day

Sunday was Father’s Day and we all got together at my sister’s place to celebrate. I put together a summery fruit salad of watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries! We got to meet her new rottie: Tucker, who was such a sweetheart. It was a lovely evening spent chilling with everyone (:

Inspection day

On Wednesday, we had our inspection for the house! While we waited for them to complete the report, we were already imagining where we’d put all our stuff into the different rooms. Thankfully there weren’t any major issues found. Although some funny ones like the people who flipped it not installing an outlet to plug in our oven and duct taping a panel in the attic. The seller agreed to complete all needed repairs prior to closing, so we really won’t have to worry about anything. Such a relief. Still can’t believe we’ll be closing in just a month!

44-month anniversary

Friday was another monthly anniversary for Justin & I so we decided to dress up a bit for date night! My skin is breaking out so bad (of course when one of my goals is to clear it up again), but I got into one of my favorite summer dresses and my new jacket. Justin looked absolutely perfect in his dress shirt ❤ we used a gift card to get dinner at Red Lobster…it’ll be so much easier to do things after we close on the house and can actually spend money again lol but it was a wonderful night together!


I made an appointment Saturday to have my most recent tattoo touched-up. My artist said he’d do it free of charge cause he knew he went in lightly the first go around (since he didn’t want it to blow out). Then Justin & I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around downtown Fredericksburg. We had dinner at Benny Vitali’s pizza which has HUGE slices! It was delicious. Then we got dessert: an ice cream for Justin & an iced green tea for me. We saw the goodest boy in one of the furniture shops, his name was Bo. Then we swung by my dad’s house to visit for a bit and check on my kitties. I can’t wait to bring them home with us so soon!

The other days we mostly just lounged around and enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to go to work but was still getting paid lol crazy to me, but this is the first job that I’ve been able to do that with (:

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. Have a great week & thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Staycati0n

  1. I love the house, especially the bay window with all the light coming in! It looks like you had a really relaxing and fun time. I don’t get paid vacation since I’m self employed… now I wish I did! 😂

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