June fav0rites


It’s the end of June and my Ipsy literally didn’t arrive until this afternoon! It was a replacement bag because my original one was lost in transit. They told me via email that the replacement may not contain the same exact items shown on the app (what would’ve come in my first bag), but that I’d still receive 5 products. I was even more upset to find that I only received 4 things…so that’s why I didn’t post an Ipsy try-on/review this month. Hopefully I’ll get some use out of whatever they sent me and maybe add it to my July bag’s look!

On with the faves (:


King & queen of car selfies! We got our pre-approval earlier this month and celebrated with a nice dinner + wine. So happy to finally know how much we had to work with and be able to confidently search for a home to buy…another fave was picking out our house! We saw a total of 6 homes before choosing THE ONE and our offer got approved the same day. We’re now so far into the process that we’ve got our inspection & appraisal done. Last in this section was a little goal of mine: getting my most recent tattoo touched-up! When I first got it done, my artist mentioned the area tends to blow out so he put the lines in really light. He let me know it would probably heal very thin and that I could come back for him to touch it up free of charge. It’s looking brand new, so happy with it…even more now (:


We had a Chipotle daaaaaate! Justin made us burgers at home AND my sister’s husband Zach made a burger for me on Father’s Day (cause everyone else was having pork), they were both really good. When we spent the day with Justin’s brother, we took him to eat at Greek on Cary. I had the falafel as usual and it was delicious! I’m also still obsessed with bubble tea…I ordered some via DoorDash but forgot to take a picture lol but we also got some @ Kokee Tea while on Cary. Where Justin & his brother got puffles for dessert ^ I switched up my Starbucks drink from the matcha Frappuccino to an iced latte with almond milk and OMG it’s perfect. I call it “green drink” or “greenity drinkity” for the fancier folk (:

Games, etc.

I finally added the fat cat sticker to the back of my planner + an adorable GameBoy sticker designed by Meyoco that came free with my order! I got a new pencil case from her amazing art store. It’s so pretty and a perfect addition to my collection. I loved getting back into Snapchat this month and messing around with the new filters. I probably sent Justin a million Bitmojis after updating it and checking out all the funny ones. Speaking of funny…we got to play Cards Against Humanity! Since Justin’s brother was over, we had enough people to play the crude game and had a blast. His brother’s face was tomato-red with how hard he was laughing at the black & white cards. We need to get more people together to play an even bigger game soon (:


Favorite category of the favorites? Maybe. I got a floral tank top from American Eagle that I’ve been LOVING. Also picked up a yellow Vans tee with skeletons on it that I just couldn’t resist, idk why I’ve been crazy about skeletons lately (even thought of designing a tattoo with some in it). I got rid of a lot of old shoes when I edited my wardrobe, but I kept the Sesame Yeezy’s obviously! I also wore the new Maì necklace & bracelet almost everyday this month. The collection is called Love Me Not and it’s hearts + flowers with little faces (:


We saw a Savannah monitor at Petco. Never seen one in a pet store before, so it was really neat. They also had these beardies that we caught holding hands- TOO CUTE! Justin got an adorable picture of Fear’s frog butt hanging off the leaf. I just love taking photos of our frog babies (:

I hope you all enjoyed these faves! Hopefully I’ll be able to give you a June + July Ipsy post next month if they get my bag to me in time lol enjoy the weekend (:

9 thoughts on “June fav0rites

  1. Does your tattoo have a meaning, I’m curious? I only just noticed it and its so cool! That dollop of guac…BEST. HAHA cards of humanity! The Mai bracelet and necklace is so perfect for you, dainty and chic! And I can’t believe its the end of June already!? WHAT. I still remember reading about your May a blink of an eye ago!

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    1. Yes, it symbolizes a Buddhist saying “three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth”. It was also in Teen Wolf if you watched that show! Thanks so much for your sweet comment (: have a great July xo

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