Squirrel luau


My work team got together a few weeks ago to attend a minor league baseball game! It was super hot, but still a really fun thing to experience together. I brought Justin of course & also invited my dad (he was the only person I asked that could make it). Here’s the pictures I got…

Hawaiian theme

My pharmacist got us discount tickets thru a Groupon program and all in the same field-level section. She also said we should try to dress in a Hawaiian/luau fashion. So the night before the game, Justin & I ran to Target to find something to wear!

Beating the heat

Luckily, our side of the stadium was the cloudier of the two throughout the game hours in the sun. We felt a few drops of rain, but it didn’t come down too hard. It was really cool being that close to the field! Still blazing hot out at about 90-100 degrees while we were sitting there…hence the need for shaved ice (:

No sore losers

We took a couple group pictures of the pharmacy staff in front of the field ^ and as quickly as we’d arrived, we were leaving! The game seemed to fly by and sadly our home team didn’t win in overtime. I think everybody still had a fantastic time (:

It’s been great to have a work team that has this much fun being around each other. I’ve never experienced that with any other job I’ve had, so I’m glad I get to enjoy that now (at the place I’m planning on staying at for a long while). Stay tuned for where we’ll go next! Thanks for reading (:

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