Ipsy f0r July


We’re closing on the house Monday afternoon! Just got the final word today, so we’ll be packing all weekend. Very excited & relieved to finally have a set date and time from the lending company. I had an MRI on my shoulders yesterday which cost about an entire paycheck…but my appointment with the doctor to go over the results (and get my cortisone shots) is Monday morning. Pray that nothing’s too wrong with them- I’m too young to be having surgeries like that. Now, onto your regularly scheduled Ipsy reviews!

The bag

This month’s bag matched my nails! I love the colors & pattern of it- super summery, super fun. The contents were pretty tame with two skincare items and only one makeup item…

Midflower hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask

More sheet masks! Two months in a row, sometimes Ipsy takes the hint (sometimes not). Since it came with two, Justin tried them with me. These were almost the same consistency as June’s Farmacy masks but a bit more paper-textured, less gooey. The instructions said to let it dry completely and then remove…which took an hour and a half! They didn’t feel bad at all during the drying time and felt like a less-wet version of a face wipe when we took them off. My skin felt super refreshed afterwards, but as usual with face masks I couldn’t tell any immediate difference (: I would definitely pick these up in the store if I could ever find them around here. Rated them 5/5

Murad essential-c cleanser

Another skincare product! Was Ipsy spying on me via my blog when I was complaining about my skin going downhill fast?? If so, I applaud them for their efforts and help in healing my face lol this cleanser is so awesome! I sometimes use a vitamin c serum in my nighttime routine, so this before just gives me another boost. I’ve used it about 4 or 5 times now. The scent is fresh and it feels really nice to lather on. The tiny beads seem to completely dissolve once it’s on your face, so it’s not abrasive. I found it easy to rinse off and didn’t notice any residue left behind. Using my niacinamide in the morning and my vitamin c products at night, I’m hoping to clear up my skin (dark spots in particular) real soon! So another 5/5

Color Club nail polish in the shade Mrs. Robinson

A random name for a bright magenta shade, but I’ll take it! This might as well be a nail polish subscription if they’re gonna send me one every month lol but I like this color a lot more than the blue I received previously. This is the second Color Club polish Ipsy has sent me, so it must be a more popular brand than I realized! It definitely doesn’t make my nails feel weaker like the Fluide stuff from June’s bag. I’d even give this a 5/5

Luxie Beauty 1010 small contour brush

I wish Ipsy had a separate category for “eye brushes” specifically because when I’m on their app reviewing products from my bag like this ^ it only asks “do you like brushes?” and yes, but not ones for face makeup CAUSE I DON’T WEAR FACE MAKEUP, IPSY! Lol I get carried away…but safe to say I wasn’t thrilled with this item. Gotta give it 2/5

Benefit Cosmetics roller lash curling mascara in black

I love these teeny mascaras! They’re much less intimidating to apply and they’re fun to mix & match instead of using the same one everyday. I enjoyed the formula of this and was impressed by the staying power. It also was easy enough to remove- whatever was left over the next morning flaked off at the edges instead of smudging around the eyelid like some other mascaras. It really separated and seemed to almost lengthen my lashes, but I don’t know about the “curling” aspect. I’d love to try more from this brand though! From what I’ve heard, Benefit has some lovely products (: this one deserved 4/5

The final look

I used a modge-podge of products from June & July’s Ipsy bags + a lip balm and eyeliner from the past two Marzia’s boxes. It wasn’t my favorite (actually removed it immediately after photos), but I wanted to give everything a proper test. The eyeshadow actually didn’t pick up well at all and went on looking way darker than I expected. I wouldn’t use it on its own or as a base again. The eyeliner was almost a copper tone when compared to the shadow ^ if you can see on the cotton pad when I wiped them both off. I’d like to try it with a different look in the future! The mascara brought it all together…and because the lipstick I received in June’s bag was NOT my color, I just added the slightest red tint with a Hanalei lip treatment (:

What do you think of this look? Love it? Hate it? What would you change or add? I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, constructive criticism in the comments!

I really appreciate you all reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m looking forward to sharing my favorites post next week, so keep an eye out xo

6 thoughts on “Ipsy f0r July

  1. You guys are still cute! I’ve had my Ipsy subscription cancelled for a little while to save money, but your post makes me want to start it back up again sometime. It can really be a good haul or just okay.

    Your skin looks good! I liked your final look 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I chose it cause it’s only $10 but I got rid of some other subscriptions to save money, so I totally get that. Would love to see your posts if you do re-subscribe (:

      Liked by 1 person

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