July’s n0tes


July seemed to fly by & stand still at the same time. I gave myself semi-simple goals last month cause I knew we’d be super busy closing on the house and then moving. This should be a quick post summing my 3 notes up because we’re still super busy now that we’ve got the house! The stress hasn’t gone away completely cause moving is hard work- and working while trying to move is even harder…but we’re a team & we’re getting it all done (:

Shoulder update

I got an MRI for each shoulder and the results showed tendonitis in both, but nothing more. No further damage/injury and nothing that would require surgery. So I’m counting my many blessings daily! I’m still in pain cause I’ve gotta use my arms pretty much ALL THE TIME, but after reviewing the imaging- she was able to give me the cortisone shots. It helped a lot, especially with us moving. I wouldn’t have been able to help with even half of the effort without those shots to gimme a boost of pain relief. I’m still sore because it’s still more than I should be doing, so after we’re all settled…I’ll take it easy and just do my at-home physical therapy exercises. I’m going to continue hand weight exercises in my workouts to strengthen my shoulder muscles. I’m still taking my pain medicine and my muscle relaxers before bed. Sleeping has been rough, but Justin’s been super helpful putting lidocaine patches on my shoulders each night. He’s the best (: doing all of those things (as I had been before) for about 6 to 8 weeks and just keeping track of how I’m feeling: if I think I’m getting better like I was before or worse. I’ll make another appointment with my doctor then & we can decide what to do from there. She recommended something to me called PRP which I’m definitely interested in as a more final solution instead of constantly putting a bandaid over the issue. I’ll look into it more over the next month or so and make my decision at the follow-up appointment. Hope that fills you guys in enough as to how I’m doing!

Longer yoga sessions

I chose this as a goal for July because I had noticed I was sorta running through my yoga before & after my workouts. I didn’t feel like it was worth doing if I didn’t take my time, so I made it a point to hold each pose longer and add some new ones! I focused on stretching & breathing with each position and I think it really helped with reducing my stress. I also think it helped my body be less sore (from working out) and made my exercises seem like a good use of my time instead of just a rushed waste! I found myself still wanting to do yoga even when my shoulders hurt too much for me to complete my workouts. I’ll definitely try to keep up with this for as long as I can- cause I think it’s helpful in a lot of ways. I won’t make it a note again though (:

Use mindfulness journal

Another attempt at lessening my overflowing stress bucket last month was using this lovely journal my mom got me for Christmas. I had a few entries from January, some from February, and maybe one or two from March. I had totally neglected it otherwise! I chose this as a note because I catch myself thinking so negatively sometimes. I find myself in a bad mood at the end of the day for seemingly no reason- of course I wanted to make a change! Opening this journal up in the evening or after a workout helps me calm down & think. It challenges me to find positivity in every day and then write about it. The same as my yoga goal, I would love to continuing using this journal in the future (but I won’t make it a note again)…

Pack up the apartment

Woohoo! We’ll never have to see that place again (real soon). With the craziness that ensued with our lender/underwriter being somehow unprepared & our closing date moving…the stress built a wall between me and actually packing. So this goal was really only 1/2 completed in July. On August 1st we managed to move all the furniture (besides the bed & couch) into the new house with the help of my mom and her truck. We packed up a lot more the night before, day of, and after. So this note is still ongoing! Soon we’ll have everything packed and transported over, then appliances will be delivered & installed…THEN we can live in our new home without ever having to go back to the apartment!!!

We’re going to order our fridge and washer/dryer set tonight, so we’ll have to see what Home Depot can do for us as far as delivering & installing them ASAP. I have no idea if they’re able to do it next-day or even on the weekends, so it might not be til Monday. Pray things go smoothly, that’s all I ask! I don’t mind waiting as long as there aren’t any problems lol we’ve had enough of those for a lifetime with this whole homebuying process. It’s over. I have to keep reminding myself not to stress anymore cause we’ve got the house- it’s ours! I did take more pictures after we cleaned and moved some things into the rooms we’re envisioning them in, but those will be shared in a separate post (:

So excited to show you all! Thanks so much for all the kind words & congratulations. You wonderful readers are truly too sweet xo

2 thoughts on “July’s n0tes

  1. I am sorry that your shoulder is still so sore but I am sending love and light your way! I used to do so much Yoga but then stopped, I so need to get back into it! I hope August is treating you well xxx

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