M0vin’ 0n up


The reveal is HERE! I finally had a few hours to gather the photos I wanted to post and make something decent for you all. Now we still aren’t fully moved out of the apartment, but we are living (sleeping, etc.) in the house. So some stuff is set up, but most of everything is still in boxes & bags waiting to be put in its correct place. I just couldn’t wait any longer to show you guys our house!

Closing & first move

We closed on Monday, July 29th and got started immediately with shopping for things we’d need to clean the inside & outside. The place wasn’t dirty by any means (it’s practically new), but we wanted to wipe away the sawdust from the remodel and really make it move-in ready. We stayed til midnight and got 85% of the inside finished to our liking. Justin began yardwork the next two days and on August 1st, my mom & sister came out to help us move most of the furniture over!

Initial snapshots & construction

I took some photos of all the rooms once we had moved most of the furniture in and a lot of the boxes ^ then we grabbed a few more pieces at the store that I would have to assemble myself. It wasn’t too bad!

Bringing the frogs

The froggies made their big move shortly after we did! Justin cleaned out their tank and orange hide & I added a new plant and base to their home. We removed the background wall, and they seem to be really enjoying the cleaner- more open environment. We even installed a timer on their daytime light so it goes on & off automatically…they’re living the high life (:

More moved & our first night

Justin’s parents helped move the remaining furniture: bed, couch, entertainment center with TV on Saturday and we got to spend our first night in our new home! We don’t get our appliances (fridge & washer/dryer) delivered until this coming Saturday so we went out for Starbucks the first morning waking up there- in lieu of breakfast lol


This little comic made me laugh when I saw it on Facebook during our first wave of moving things ^

Daily tarot

A lot of my cards matched up so well with what we had been going through these past couple days/weeks and I love sharing them!

I hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy your weekend! I’ll be working, but we’ll get our appliances delivered tomorrow afternoon & then driving out to bring my kitties home on Sunday (: very excited to finally have my boys back with me after 2 years…

10 thoughts on “M0vin’ 0n up

  1. So many to congratulate you on! 🎉Congratulations🎉 on the house, on finally moving and being able to reunite with your cats 🙈 May you have a happy and healthy life in the new house with many cute children 🙈💖

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