Five faves: Jackets


I hope it’s not too glaringly obvious that I’ve been too busy (with work & the new house), unorganized, and completely out of my groove/routine lately to come up with any decent posts besides my tried & true monthly series’ but I’m here on schedule! I decided another chill post would be the perfect way to kick off a weekend full of more WORK (but just home stuff, no actual job hours). On with the top picks…

Pink & navy corduroy zip-up hoodie from Zaful can be very enticing as the product shots are always super cute and the prices very affordable, but I’ve read reviews that say to SIZE UP more than any other site! So I did with this and couldn’t have been happier. It fits just big enough for the way I like my jackets and the material feels genuinely good quality. I do caution anyone who visits the site to shop to read the reviews before you buy!

Leather jacket from Madewell

The perfect leather jacket doesn’t exi- OH! Here it is! This piece of clothing is well worth the price tag because it really does fit so well and isn’t crazy stiff. The cross-over zip is stylish and the slight wear to the leather itself is one of the reasons I was drawn to it in the store. Definitely a staple jacket to have in your wardrobe (:

Metallic embroidered bomber

Speaking of wardrobe staples: a bomber jacket! This one is much more decorated than the classic style, but that’s why I adore it. There’s embroidered flowers on the back as well, but I didn’t have any photos of it. This one is a balance of lightweight but still a good enough jacket to protect you from winds on the beach in February (pictures from Valentine’s Day). It’s easy to throw on over just about anything in my closet, even outfits that already have a pattern!

$3 men’s jacket from Goodwill

Probably the only item I’ve ever thrifted that I continuously brag about even though I found it like 5+ years ago. The lining in this zip-up hooded jacket is so warm! I enjoy the pocket details and almost always wear it open as just another lovely layer to my autumn outfits. Lastly, it’s of course in my favorite clothing color: OLIVE

The lushest faux fur cropped coat

This is legitimately a coat I wish I could wear everyday of the winter, but it’s a bit too fancy-looking for most of my sweatpants outfits! You know I LOVE the faded out kind of dusty rose color of this jacket & the clip closures are so discreet. This is so chic and looks the best over a slightly more bodycon layer underneath. Who could resist those billowy sleeves too?

L.L.Bean zip-up fleece jacket

Last, but certainly not least (these aren’t in any particular order) is my dark olive fleece from Bean! It’s such a high quality piece and obvi the best color to match the rest of my wardrobe. This jacket has the coolest details on the side & top pockets. It’ll keep me warm through the snowy winds as long as I put a hat on…nice to have one without a hood though- since I’ve got so much hair to pile on top of hoods lol

That rounds up my top favorite jackets! I’ll probably add more to my monthly favorites as the weather gets cooler and I can wear a few new ones. Stay tuned for that and of course my upcoming Ipsy bag reviews + try on for August. Thanks so much for reading- hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

23 thoughts on “Five faves: Jackets

  1. Kityp0p is TOO stylish for my eyes I can’t. You are ROCKING these jackets and I love that you got them from all types of places. The faux one looks SO comfy!! It looks so gorgeous on the dress. Also, do you take photos with your phone or camera because the mirror selfies are so good quality girlll! Love this post!

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  2. I really love your style and my fav colour is Olive as well and really loved that jacket the best 🙈 loved every picture! And excited for the next ep 🙈💖

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    1. They’re here, I was waiting til my favorites/notes posts to announce it! We’ve had them for 2 weeks living at the house with us. Unfortunately, we are bringing the more sick one (they’re very old) back to my dad so he can accommodate to all of Felix’s ailments.


      1. Aw, I’m sorry you couldn’t keep one of them, but I’m glad you got the others. I bet you’re so happy to have them. Dad is probably secretly pleased he gets one back. He misses them!

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  3. WOW, the metallic embroidered bomber is such an interesting and gorgeous piece and the faux fur coat with your velvet dress!? WHAT That’s s freaking bomb! Those are freaking gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you! That dress with that coat is one of my FAVE outfits ever, but I never have any place/event to wear it to haha those pics were from a wedding we attended a while back (: really appreciate your compliments!

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  4. Ooh jackets number 1,2 and 5 are my favourites. I love the colours of jacket 1 and 5 and you just can’t beat a chic leather jacket like number 2. Love! Such a fun post hun… it’s totally made me want to purchase some more jackets for my wardrobe, you have so many nice ones!

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