Ipsy f0r August


A decent Ipsy bag this month? Read on to find out!

The bag itself

Definitely one of my favorite bags so far! I love the deep green and studded texture + the zipper in gold with the simple tassel is super chic. I wish they would switch up the inside color with bags like this to something more matchy-matchy (:

It Cosmetics confidence in a gel lotion moisturizer

The little pamphlet recommended putting this product in the fridge before using it for a more refreshing feel! I love love love the consistency of this lotion- I think gel type cleansers & moisturizers work very well with my skin. I might even buy this when I run out of the tiny tube I received (:

Adesse all day lip crème in the shade Thames Street

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this lippie when I saw it in the bag preview (on the Ipsy app). I genuinely liked the creaminess of this lipstick, it didn’t make my lips feel flaky or too dry. It does have vitamin e which is something I’m looking for in future lip products since I know it’ll keep my lips smooth. I was slightly disappointed in the color as it’s almost the same as my own lips. I will def wear it again as a subtle addition to a simple makeup look (:

Jonteblu felt tip eyeliner pencil in black

Yay! I haven’t received an eyeliner in my Ipsy bag in many months…and y’all know I like my makeup looks with cat eye included, so this was one of my fave products in August’s bag. I was also happy it was a felt tip cause I feel they’re the easiest to apply. It went on well and didn’t seem to smear or smudge too bad AT ALL. Really impressed with the pigment too!

Wander Beauty lift off purifying and brightening peel off mask

I was very wary to try this after reading some of the reviews saying it was hard to peel off and even painful, but another positive outcome- it came off almost completely in one piece! I even went on the app the same night we first tried it and bought a full size of the rose gold one lol the new credit card is chugging. I didn’t see any immediate results, but we did only use it the one time. So I’ll let you guys know if the rose gold one holds up (:

Nails Inc nail polish in the shade Feelings Feelings

I wasn’t as ecstatic about receiving another nail polish, but the color is totally one I would wear so not mad! Unfortunately, with still moving and building furniture… I didn’t find any time this month to paint my nails (actually had to cut them after a few cracked at the sides). But I’ll be trying it out next time I paint them and hopefully remember to include it in a future post!

The full look

This bag spoke to me. My classic look of cat eye liner and ANY cute lipstick color! The moisturizer you obvi can’t see, but it’s there and the mask was done the previous night. Just imagine the nail color on them as well (: hope you enjoyed my reviews of all the products I received in my August glam bag!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and I always appreciate any comments you have to give. Enjoy the last days of the month xo

9 thoughts on “Ipsy f0r August

  1. AAAAH this was one of my favourite Ipsy bags from your collection too! Dude the bags are way too cute and aah they included a classic eyeliner for our cat eye queen 👏 The lip colour is a little less pigmented but I love the colour! And aah the mask looks so satisfying I’m glad it worked out for you. I should look into peel off masks because seriously all my past masks were wash off and the mess I would make by the sink though- 👏 So yeah lemme know how the rose gold one goes!
    P.S. Justin trying on the mask with you in the back is iconic!

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  2. Thames Street actually looks so pretty! Like a nudish but shiny smooth and better! Your cat eye skills are amazing! I don’t even know if its even the product or just your expertise! The Wanderbeauty mask looks so gorgeous, the liquid maroon gold! Please update! I’m curious about the brand but haven’t really taken the plunge! Thanks for sharing all these!

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    1. Awwww you’re too kind, thanks so much! The liner was really good, but I am quite the perfectionist when doing the cat eye haha and the peel-off mask was fantastic (: the rose gold one worked just as well

      Liked by 1 person

    1. For sure! It’s such a good subscription for just $10/month and now they’re making it even better by letting you pick one of the items yourself. Plus they’ve added a lot more brands & better items, so I still think it’s worth it for the slight upcharge to $12

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