August fav0rites


Yay! A post from me that wasn’t thrown together in five minutes cause it’s one of my faves to plan out (: I’ve collected some wonderful photos throughout this month, so I hope you’ll enjoy a look through my favorites for August…

Tech-type stuff

As always, the Zepeto app keeps updating with new outfits that I adore! PokémonGO has also been pretty epic with new clothing items & shiny creatures & trading…plus I just downloaded the Pokémon Masters app. I haven’t played too much yet, but I’m v excited. We got our Roomba: Meryl this month and she’s been amazing!!! We also got our giant fridge delivered and can’t seem to buy enough food to fill it *blessed* plus (if you follow my Twitter, you already know), Kumamon keeps me laughing with his cute badly-translated tweets + silly pics. The WordPress app finally included fixing the posting activity bug in their recent update, so I can see the beautiful blue lines across the months of my Tuesday & Friday posts! Fun organization-brain things!!!

Food y drink

Ok. Gino’s is right down the road from us and they have THE BEST cannolis I’ve experienced in Virginia…glad we got an elliptical lol the drinks we got one night at Outback were so yummy (: and we got a couple MREs that we made just last night and they were actually really tasty! I had Mexican style chicken stew & Justin had some Asian beef. Fun to make together as well (mine was even gluten-free)…

Doing & buying things

Justin’s fresh haircut earlier this month looked SO GOOD ^ wowu, look how handsome! We also picked up a bunch of Autumn/Halloween themed decor from the Michael’s craft store that’s a few minutes down the road. I will definitely leave the yoga skeleton pillow out in our spare room year round- LOVE IT! We also visited our local animal shelter (pics of some animals we saw below) and went to the shooting range where I shot three of Justin’s guns. I realized even more during this that I needed to update my glasses Rx…which I did get at my eye exam this month. Hopefully shopping for new frames during September!!!


Justin & I have loved looking in our neighbors backyard this month to try and see the adorable groundhog that seems to dwell beneath their shed. We call him our “little man” don’t ask me why lol then I took some screenshots from the animal shelter website of our fave doggos and kitty that we saw! One of the decor pieces we got from Michael’s was the big toad that was in their Halloween section, but he isn’t scary. I also got to bring my cats home this month! Sadly, I did have to bring one of the brothers back to live with my dad because of his health issues…but I will go into that in more detail in a future pet post

Clouds over the Home Depot parking lot

If you noticed a lack of skincare products or clothing in this post, it’s because I had TOO MUCH for one post! So I’ll be making a separate one for early September that’ll cover what I’ve been loving lately as far as things I’m putting on my face & body. Other than that, I hope you liked looking through my favorites for the month of August. Stick around for my first post of next month where I review the horrific results of my notes for August…there may only be two instead of the usual three 🤷🏻‍♀️ we’re still settling in! Have an incredible weekend xo

2 thoughts on “August fav0rites

  1. AHHHH YOUR HOME IS COMING TOGETHER! HOW EXCITING! I really can’t wait for you to get full settled and take us on a virtual house tour hehe! That cannoli, omg, my heart stopped HAHA! Oh no, I hope your pets will be alright! This comment is a little late but have a great weekend!

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