August’s n0tes


Happy September! We’re inching closer and closer to fall weather & cozy autumn vibes. August was an insanely busy month, so unfortunately I only have 2 notes to go over today…

Move in

Of course this was the biggest goal of the month as we’ve just got our first house! We’ve spent the days & nights of August buying essentials that weren’t needed in an apartment, building furniture that we finally have room for, and ultimately moving in to our new living space. I’ve been loving decorating each room and feeling like we’re somewhere more permanent now is so wonderful. I hope to share lots more photos here as we begin to unpack & settle in even more!

Make plans for upcoming birthdays

I didn’t know I’d have Justin’s birthday off work until 2 days before (even though I had requested it at the beginning of July), it just took them that long to find coverage. We got to go to the gun show the weekend before his birthday and I know he enjoyed that! He bought himself a used gun that he really liked while I just found the food stalls lol we made plans to have breakfast at home on his birthday, then go to the zoo, then have dinner out with his family. I’ll be sharing more photos of all that in a future post. For my birthday, all I wanna do is have breakfast at this gluten-free waffle restaurant in the city & hang up all the art I have in our house! I’m also thinking about using Overtone again to dye my hair, but this time just back to my natural color of dark brown. The summer sun really does lighten it up more than you’d think! But I’m glad we got time to talk about what we both wanted to do for our special days (:

September outlook

For this new month, I’m hoping to get back into a more normal routine at the house since we’re very close to being done with all the pre-un-packing things. So once I’m fully unpacked, my shoulders will get some relief from being overworked everyday and I can get back into working out daily. We also really need to do a FULL grocery haul so we can begin to eat real meals again instead of whatever is quickest (so we can go straight to bed). I won’t reveal my notes for September just yet, but this gives a vague idea of my most important goals! Enjoy this almost-fall month and get ready for OCTOBER ❤

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