Skin & c0verage


I’ve gathered a bunch of skincare product shots & a few outfit pics over the past couple weeks. I realized it would be way too much for my August favorites post, so I lumped them into this separate one! Enjoy some of my favorite products that I’ve recently bought more of, a few new bits & bobs, and clothes (:

Random newbies

While at World Market, Justin & I found some super cute pieces we just couldn’t pass up. Including: Ramen style post-it notes & Hello Kitty’s friends on a small reusable shopping bag! I also used my new credit card to give myself a housewarming gift of a Meyoco keychain. She made an adorable design of one of the Pokémon from Sword & Shield. It’s the only thing on my key ring now, and I love it!!! I also got a free pin with my Rip n Dip order which I put on my pencil case (:

Skincare haul

I bought full sizes of some products that I already knew I loved (cause I had used up the previous tubs/bottles I got). I also got some little samples of things I’d never tried before from a few of the brands! I mentioned in my August Ipsy post that I’d picked out the rose gold version of the peel-off mask I’d received. I love it just as much! Whether it’s a mud mask, gel mask, peel-off mask or moisturizer- I 100% believe that skincare is the foundation of self care (:

A bit more

One thing I wanted to treat myself to once I’d received my new credit card wasn’t something expensive, but something I wouldn’t have bought just out of the blue/normally. I picked out a pack from Ipsy shopper on their app ^ it was labeled “Back to School” or something, but I got it cause I genuinely wanted to try out everything in it (but the acne patches hooked me in since I’d run out of the ones I had before). So far, I’ve only tried the energizing pomegranate mask & the glittery headband. I’m excited to slowly dip into the other items though (:

My ‘fits

I couldn’t resist getting more than one Rip n Dip shirts with the pill bottle design (since I work in pharmacy), so I got a large mint tee, a small black tee, and a small grey long-sleeve version. It was also finally cool enough out for me to wear my new basic b*tch high-waisted camo cargo pants! I paired them with a cute lil white bodysuit (both pieces from Hollister). Justin also suggested I wrap up the look with my sesame V2s. This was the outfit I wore to the gun show a few weekends back. Then it got crazy hot again of course, so I switched things up from Insta-baddie style to more (as the kids say) “VSCO girl” with a giant tee from Need Supply paired with a matching baseball cap, my Teva sandals, Coach bag, Apple Watch, big patterned scrunchie as a bracelet + simple Tiffany necklace. I also only wore mascara for makeup that day. I really enjoyed wearing this as it was super easy & comfy. I wish this was trendy when I was a teen- instead of crop tops and booty shorts LOL

This was actually one of my fave posts I’ve done recently that wasn’t a re-occurring monthly post like my Ipsy bag, true faves, or notes. I hope you all like it as much as I do! Hopefully I’ll be able to curate more like this in the future (: happy weekend xo

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