Justin’s “J0rdan year”


Happy Friday the 13th * Justin’s birthday was the 31st of August so we got all of Labor Day Weekend to celebrate! Here’s some snapshots of what we got up to…

Morning matcha

I didn’t dare try to master the art of making matcha tea in one day, but we did get a yummy matcha & almond spread at World Market recently. So I toasted up some bread and slapped it on there for Justin’s birthday breakfast. He really liked it! We both thought it looked like avocado toast in the photos (: it was a nice morning spent taking it easy and relaxing until we decided what to do for the first day of celebrating…

Zoo with boo

Birthday boy wants to go to the zoo? I would never refuse anyways! We survived the heat of the day to see all the animals. We haven’t been in probably over a year which is unusual for us (if you’ve seen my zoo posts before). They added a new Pygmy Hippo exhibit which was so cool to see! We also got to see the cheetah cubs, but they were too far away to get good photos…maybe next time lol Justin’s favorite part was definitely petting the miniature zebu that came to the fence. It wanted to wish him happy birthday (:

Make a wish

Justin’s parents treated us to dinner at Outback and his brother joined us as well. I was happy cause that’s where I wanna go for my birthday (the drinks are so good). Justin got a nice steak, and I got the salmon again. We had a lovely meal- they even brought him a free dessert & sung to him! I was so excited when I saw I caught a photo of him with his eyes closed and the flame actually being blown out…such a sweet moment and now he’s TWENTY-THREE (:

Blue bday bath

We opted for a bath to end the night. I asked Justin to choose from our bath bomb collection since it’s his birthday after all! The blue was so cool to watch spread across the tub & it smelled wonderful. A great way to end the first day of celebrating… I think he enjoyed having a whole weekend to just relax & have fun!

Lemonade leads to a blurry stroll

The next day we had a lazy time just hanging around town & made a trip to Total Wine and in total spent like $100 which should last us until the end of the year (hopefully). I found Justin’s favorite beer: Larry’s Lemonade. Something he had at Busch Gardens and we couldn’t find anywhere else! He was so happy! We also took a walk around our neighborhood for the first time that evening, holding hands the whole time. It’s so surreal still that we have a house and live in such a nice area (:


To end it, I’ll leave you with these adorable couple-pics I made on the ZEPETO app. My man is 23 years young and I couldn’t be more proud of & in love with him! Happy birthday, handsome xoxo

8 thoughts on “Justin’s “J0rdan year”

  1. Awww I really liked reading this post. You treat each other so well and I’m still waiting for a bridesmaid invitation soon 😝 Can we talk about the cool zoo you went to? I mean – GIRAFFES AND HIPPOS?? I’m shook!! Also I haven’t spelt giraffe in so long that I’m not sure if it was two F’s or two R’s. Anyways. The bath bomb is so pretty and GIRL YOU ARE TOO TALENTED AT THOSE ZEPETO’S do you make your own or does the site make it? Happy birthday to Justin!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Is it weird that I look forward to posting so I can read your SWEET comments?? You da best 🤗 giraffes are my fave and the baby one was too cute! It’s nice to have such an awesome zoo close by to where we live. The one in Washington DC isn’t as good and that’s the one my parents always took my family to lol oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I’m OBSESSED with the Zepeto app. You can completely customize your character’s looks, outfit, and little room space behind them…but they have all these fun poses too! You can add a background from their presets or a photo of your own in the pics and put your friends in them too, it’s just my style haha


  2. I’m late to this but as always, i loved every picture and thank you so much for sharing your stories i love reading them 🙈💖🌹 Happy belated birthday Justin 🎉

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