Adventure away


This weekend, PokémonGO community day was on a Sunday! I’m off every Sunday since the Pharmacy is closed, so I was very happy I’d be able to participate this time. I feel like we haven’t gone out and walked a park for the exciting 3 hours of gameplay in a while, so I wanted to post all the photos we took. Most are selfies, but you can see the lovely scenery behind us (:

Exploring our area

We finally managed to pull ourselves away from working on unpacking & settling into our new home to check out one of the many parks near us. It was a really nice one, big expanses of fields and tons of trees on the edges, plus a small museum, and a lot of people walking their dogs!

Bridge shoot

It looks like they had recently added in some small bridges in the park over the little creeks & streams. They were the perfect spot to take a couple photos (:

More animals

Over near the museum, there was a barn-type area where we saw sheep & mules. They were too cute! I also spotted a giant brown frog at the lake ^ we had to run into the building for a few minutes when a rain cloud passed over the park. By the time we only had a half hour of community day left, my phone was dying & we both needed AC so we started back to my car…

Home again

After grabbing smoothies and having something to eat, we made our way back home- literally only a few minutes away. I wanted to get back to unpacking and putting my stuff into its new home, but we were also exhausted from walking in the heat for 3 hours lol

The living room is done. Hopefully this weekend, we’ll get the kitchen fully finished too! Cant wait to share more photos with you guys when we’re ALL DONE (: hope you’re having a great week so far. Thanks so much for reading xo

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