September’s n0tes


Are you ready for another installment of Shannon-set-goals-that-were-way-too-ambitious-so-she-disappointed-herself-by-not-fully-achieving-them? Well, even if you’re not ready, welcome to my notes post for the previous month: September

Get back into yoga/workout/PT

This one was attempted, but I failed to realize how horribly damaged my shoulders were from overexerting myself during the move & working so much lately. So by the time I have some time to do a workout, my whole body is screaming NO! I made the sad decision to not push myself through that pain cause it’s warning me for a reason. I don’t have to get surgery as of yet, but if I do injure my shoulders further- that could change very quick. I want to get back in shape where I can workout everyday like I used to, but I think I’ll have to wait until I’ve tried the PRP and pray that it heals my tendinitis. I’m doing more PT when I feel I can & trying to do just yoga if I don’t feel well enough for a full workout. The elliptical helps a lot cause I can do some cardio exercise even if I can’t do the normal stuff I used to. Here’s to hoping October looks better for my physical health!

Unpack all boxes

This goal was 1/2 completed. That’s a big step towards being actually settled into our home! Our living room & kitchen are finished (besides hanging stuff on the walls). I’m still trying to get Justin to take the last of his overflow belongings out of the spare room so I can fully unpack my boxes in there & really set it up the way I want. It’s mostly finished in there too though! What I need to focus on next is all my bathroom things and any boxes left in the bedroom. Surprisingly, we have less storage space in the bathrooms here just because of where the tub/toilet/sink are. I’ll have to come up with a pretty good plan on how I’m gonna fit all my things in there OR have to just stash the remaining stuff in our linen closet lol but I know the boxes in the bedroom will fit easily. Just need more time off work to get it all done! Soon!

Sketch more tattoo ideas on iPad

I had been itching to get more designs down since I’d seen so many inspiring art pieces on Tumblr. These ^ are the ones I drafted out in the month of September. The first couple are re-works of brainstorms I’d previously done digitally, but they’re still works-in-progress. I did the frog versions for Justin cause he liked that picture so much- maybe he’ll get his first one! The last one (skeletons) is what I’m thinking of getting next, but I’ve got my artist working on it to simplify the design & try to get it as small as he can. Right now, it would prob be about 5×6 inches and that would look a bit big wrapped around my bicep. So fingers crossed he can work some magic!

I did just lose one of my cats, so I may get one of the two cats in the drawing done in the coming months…but I haven’t decided. It was the one who wasn’t in good health that I had to bring back to my dad’s house. My cat at home is still doing quite well ❤

Another underwhelming notes month from yours truly. Hope you all enjoyed September & I wish you a spoopy October!

11 thoughts on “September’s n0tes

  1. Omg, give yourself a break alright Shannon! Please let recovery fully happen first!
    And ahhhh! The house is really coming together!!!
    And I freaking love the frog sketch! It reminds me a lot of the mini series “Over the garden wall” I dont know if you have ever heard of it? Marzia recommended it and it is sucha lovely show!
    I’m sorry about the cat situation ): A tattoo of it would be so perfect too! And thanks for sharing this!
    I hope you have a fantastic October!!! I hope by the end of Oct you’ll finally show us the whole house! Hehe!

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  2. Underwhelming where? I loved this chill post! Omg you’re here exercising WITH an injury and I can’t even drag myself to exercise for a millisecond. Go easy on yourself!! Make sure you listen to your body when your shoulders start to ache because it could be something serious, not potato syndrome like me. 😂 Anyways yes girl those baby pink weights looks SO cute I even want to lift them! So happy you’re settling in. And when I saw the graphics and read your paragraph I thought two things
    a). OMG girl those graphics are one point!!
    Shaunaaa these are so detailed I can feel the pain of the needles already. Find someone you trust and don’t forget there’s always dollar store temporary tattoos right? Fine I’m just being the grandma as always but be carefulll.
    Love this post and HAPPY OCTOBER!

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  3. I really hope you get over the pain soon! If you need to take a break and relax or do whatever to unwind you so should!
    I loved this really chill post as well as the drawings! I’m so sure that getting that tattoo would look beautiful on you! The frog seems so Ghibli inspired I really love it and the skeletons and cats too are so my vibe right now for hallloween haha
    I loved this post girl and I’m glad I can finally have some free time today to catch up on your blog ❤

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      1. No worries! I love your blog and it’s so refreshing to see how positive it is and to see all the little things in your life haha
        Aww you’re seriously so cute! Thank you so much! If you ever have any suggestions for videos you’d like to see I’m all ears haha

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha oh I try, but there’s a lot I don’t show on my blog 🙈 always aiming to be even more organized! Thanks so much for your sweet comment 🤗 glad you like the designs


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