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We went to our 5th state fair together today! While I don’t have time to edit and post all the photos we took just yet, I’m excited to share some extra beauty/skincare goodies in this post…

Soap for Soul

I mentioned this company in my September favorites post ^ they sell their handmade soaps fully customizable on Etsy (and other social media). The owners are always super helpful & fun to work with. Plus they’re coming out with new designs all the time! I won this honeycomb soap from their recent Instagram giveaway (:

Oops, I did it again

I got hooked by the Ipsy shopper section of their app ^ but this was sort of a gift to myself to prep for my birthday. So I’m giving myself a pass. This deal was full of great brands and new products to try…

Love ’em all

These products, paired with my fave moisturizer, make a nice alternative to my normal skincare routine. I ended up loving each one! I’ve tried the Innisfree mask before & it’s one of my absolute faves ever. The toner was interesting because the instructions said to wash it off with water after 30 seconds. The serum was nice cause it felt a lot like a gel lotion (which I’ve found out is perfect for my skin type). The sheet masks were fun to use too cause of all the suds they made! Definitely worth the $


Hope you enjoyed this quick lil update on some new things I’ve been using! Next week’s post will be jumping into the fall season. I’m so looking forward to sharing more autumnal photos and actually being in the weather that isn’t sweltering lol thanks so much for stopping by…we’ve been having a blast for my birthday weekend so far- stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Misc. beauty

  1. The Glamglow masks look like so much fun and Justin joining in was sooo cute!!! Mmm glad to hear the innisfree clay mask is good, I’ve been looking for a good clay mask to remove all that gunk!

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  2. Happy Birthday again! I’m really glad to hear that you had a nice weekend to celebrate it and that you had lots of goodies too! That mask by innisfree seriously looks fantastic ❤ The photos of you and Justin make it look like you had a blast trying these products out! 💕🥰

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  3. Wow the soap is so pretty! I haven’t gotten around to trying glam glow yet but have heard SO many good things and the bubble mask looks amazing!! I look forward for all of the autumnal pictures heading our way. xx

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