Target try-0n


Don’t you hate when you’re clothing shopping, go to try on what you’ve picked out, and then get so sweaty in the fitting room cause their lights are crazy hot? Well, I do. Since I have the Target Redcard, it’s super simple to make returns having all previous receipts on the card itself. So I just chose some pieces I liked & tried them on at home instead! Justin got a few things as well…

Justin’s picks

I love the stuff he got! It all fit perfectly too. So handsome ❤

My picks

I got quite a few things I can wear to work, but the sweaters would be much too warm! Those are just replenishing my fall/winter clothes cause I definitely need to donate more of my older stuff. I had to return the first pair of pants ^ even though they were my size, the brand or cut must be a bit off cause they didn’t fit comfortably. I also had to swap the pleated floral skirt for a different size as it fell a bit lower on the waist than I usually like. I actually got even more stuff just yesterday after returning a plaid shirt I didn’t picture above (it was so ugly on me omg). I’m sure you’ll see the cardigan I picked out in upcoming posts cause I already love it and wish it was even cooler so I could wear it everyday!

I hope you enjoyed a quick look at some of the new clothing we’ve got recently. At the end of the year, I’ll be doing another huge closet cleanse to make sure I have ONLY things I’m excited & happy to wear. It’s always a continuing struggle- my wardrobe. But I’m determined to get it right for 2020…then my style will change again lol isn’t that just how life goes? (:

10 thoughts on “Target try-0n

  1. Ugh, dressing rooms are such an annoying experience! And at stores, I usually end up having more than the maximum try-on amount, so the store employees get annoyed xD or I do lol! I love all the clothes you two found! ❤

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